5 Secrets to Successfully Pulling Off a Multi-Family Vacation

When you think about family vacations, you likely reserve the fun to just your spouse and kids. But if you want to change things up and save some cash in the process, consider planning a trip with other families. Whether you invited members of your extended family or coordinate with family friends, mixing things up on a vacation with multiple families can be a great change of pace and may start a whole new tradition.

10 Valuable Lessons My Daughter Learned at Summer Camp

When I was a kid, all 5th graders in our school district got to attend a weeklong sleep-away camp. I still have fond memories of that experience – we fished, canoed, hiked, rode horses, and made life-long friendships. Unfortunately, our local school districts don’t offer this trip anymore. However, I still wanted my 12-year-old daughter MORE »

13 Childhood Experiences a Video Game Can’t Replace

Disponible en Español, aquí The era in which we live has led us to believe that for a child to be happy, he must own an electronic tablet, or the latest video games. As adults, this continues as we feel the need to have the most advanced phone or computer. As a result, instead of MORE »

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