The One And Only Way To Hook Kids On Fishing

There were no fish, of course. There was only the occasional wad of algae or leaves stuck to the end of his pole, but it didn't matter. Once I began to cheer him on for catching some 'salad', that sudden notion stuck and so my daughter got excited about that too. Before long we were praising the kid as if he were boating bass after bass at a big tournament instead of yanking in gobs of gooey slime.

8 Toddler Zoo Tips

A few weeks ago, my husband and I wondered aloud if we should take Harry to the nearby North Carolina Zoo. It had been years since we had visited and Harrison had never been. We were itching to get out of the house, so when we woke up at 6:30 AM one Saturday, we packed MORE »

Kids Summer Camp Packing List – 10 Must-Haves

Summer is in full swing and many of you have already sent your kids off to summer camp, while others are still in the midst of preparation, checking things off their kids summer camp packing list. Over the last few weeks I’ve been researching children’s camps non-stop and was surprised to learn that Ontario, Canada MORE »

At the Pond When I Was Fishing

Learning life lessons while spending quality time spent with family while unplugged from our hectic life? That, my friends, is an afternoon well spent.

15 Easy and Inexpensive Summer Activities for Toddlers

Summer days are loooooooong, especially with a toddler. We usually figure out a way to pass the time in the morning, but sometime between dinner and bedtime I’ve noticed myself saying, “Whaaaaat do we do now?” a lot. If you don’t have a pool, tons of money, or the will and drive to create elaborate MORE »

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