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The One And Only Way To Hook Kids On Fishing

There were no fish, of course. There was only the occasional wad of algae or leaves stuck to the end of his pole, but it didn't matter. Once I began to cheer him on for catching some 'salad', that sudden notion stuck and so my daughter got excited about that too. Before long we were praising the kid as if he were boating bass after bass at a big tournament instead of yanking in gobs of gooey slime.

At the Pond When I Was Fishing

Learning life lessons while spending quality time spent with family while unplugged from our hectic life? That, my friends, is an afternoon well spent.

Unexpected Summer Fun

We live on the Lake Michigan coast, within a stone’s throw of dozens of beautiful, popular state parks. So not surprisingly, when we plan one of our annual summer camping trips, we usually just head a few miles up or down the shore.

Family Camping Trips!

Marriage. Lotta hard work, no? To have a successful one, much compromise is needed. At least that’s what Caroline and I have found. And the most amazing middle ground we’ve ever reached just might be the one we sleep on each and every summer.

Bobbers In The Picker Bush: Taking Kids Fishing For The First Time

Trout were being caught all around us, but it we didn't mind at all. See, in the course of a half-hour, just before my kids became more interested in playing with the worms in their plastic container than fishing anymore, we had all found a way to have a pretty terrific time standing together on the banks of a sweet little stream on a gorgeous bluebird afternoon.

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