10 Faces of BlogHer: Video by Fadra Nally


Can we write about anything at MomCrunch other than BlogHer?

Well, yes. Check in later today.

But in the meantime… are you ready? I leave for New York tomorrow morning, and I could not be more excited. But I know there are a great many people attending that have never been to BlogHer before and are still worried about what to expect.

Side note: I’ve seen some rumors about people being scared of New York City and wanting to do crazy things like… sigh… bring their guns to the city. Um, you guys. Please. You will be in mid-town Manhattan. It’s safe, really. REALLY. Please, don’t be so scared.


One of the faces you should look out for at BlogHer (other than mine! I’ll be the short, fat, pink-haired one with the name badge that says Cecily) is Fadra Nally, a smart blogger and philanthropist, as well as the maker of the VERY amusing video I’m posting below. She is letting you know about the Ten Faces Of BlogHer.


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