10 Photos that are the Perfect Recipe for a Perfectly Awkward Mother's Day


It’s not as if it’s not awkward enough when you forget to send your mom a card on Mother’s Day. Or you forget that she hates lilies and get her a big bunch of them. Or somehow she ends up washing the dishes after brunch or throwing something together for the family dinner because everyone was too tapped out after cooking brunch.

For some families on Mother’s Day, the awkward gets elevated to a whole new level. And seemingly on purpose.

Take a look at these awkward Mother’s Day photos (from, who else, but Awkward Family Photos) and then tell the mom in your life on Sunday, May 12, that it could always be worse:

  • Happy (Awkward) Mother’s Day! 1 of 11
    Awkward Mother's Day

    When you make the mistake of taking a picture instead of just caring enough to buy a Hallmark card.

  • In your face 2 of 11
    Awkward Mother's Day photos

    Showers of joy.

  • Hockey mom 3 of 11
    Awkward Mother's Day photos

    A pregnant pitbull in lipstick.

    Take that, Sarah Palin.

  • Peek-a-boo 4 of 11
    Awkward Mother's Day photos

    I (wish I didn't) see you.

  • Brushing up 5 of 11
    Awkward Mother's Day photos

    A pose straight out of a Norman Rockwell portrait: A mom, her daughter and her daughter's brush.

  • Here’s looking at you 6 of 11
    Awkward Mother's Day photos

    Or — better yet — not.

  • Dance fever 7 of 11
    Awkward Mother's Day photos

    Vogue! Jazz hands! YMCA! Do the macarena! Do it gangnam style!

  • Mama’s boys 8 of 11
    Awkward Mother's Day photos

    Watch your hands, kids.

  • Razzmatazz 9 of 11
    Awkward Mother's Day photos

    Give 'em that old razzle dazzle.

  • The Manwich 10 of 11
    Awkward Mother's Day photos

    Something for everyone this Mother's Day.

  • Picture yourself (awkwardly) here 11 of 11
    Awkward Mother's Day photos

    Feel left out of the awkward-photo conversation no more!

    Go here and make your own awkward photo — just in time for Mother's Day. Your mom will thank you.

    You know, probably.


All photos used with permission from Awkward Family Photos

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