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10 Things I Like Seeing in My Twitter Stream

By riasharon |

An article on today brought my attention back to all the reasons I still love Twitter, despite the people who use it to broadcast information that I don’t need or care about. Some Twitter users might not like it when you tweet about certain things, but I do. Things like…

Good mornings. Twitter is a social platform, a virtual space to connect with like-minded/spirited people. So I love it when others reach out on Twitter. Offline, I smile and say “good morning” or “hi” to people I don’t know. Why would I be different online? Simple exchanges like that are reminders of our humanity and that we are not alone in the world. Some people will say good morning back — and just like that, I find my peeps! These are the people that I feel a connection with … and follow.

So when I’m looking for advice, Information, recommendations on products and services, new books or articles to read, or people to collaborate with, I turn to the people I’ve already connected with, like, and trust. (Oh yeah, I met my business partner on Twitter. We first started exchanging tweets a year ago.)

The stuff that makes you go “OMG!” For some, it’s a funny YouTube video, for others it may be what they love about their current job or project. If it’s illiciting an “OMG” from you, one of the people I follow, there’s a good chance I’ll “OMG” about it too — good or bad.

What’s going on in your neck of the woods. Is there a great new art exhibit in #Portland or is it storming in #Charlotte? I love being able to check my stream for a real-time heads up on places that I may be visiting or flying through. Yes, I trust someone looking out their window for the weather better than the weatherman. Call me crazy.

Your family. Thank you for sharing that you are about to become an aunt for the first time or that your husband is graduating from law school. I get to offer my sincere congratulations, gush over the new baby, the new job, the new house or whatever. We’re friends. And that’s what friends do.

Your kids. I’m a mom. And a lot of my Twitter friends are too, which means we can all relate to the fact that one of my defining moments as a mom involved poop (and a toddler who outsmarted the duct-taped-on diaper). Sure, there’s more to me than dirty diapers but I know that when paying gigs evolve from my Twitter friendships (like this one), my team understands that when mommy duties call, I jump.

Your food. Yes, I’m talking about you, @glutenfreegirl. Since my early days when my main reason for being online was to figure out ways to manage my son’s life-threatening food allergy, I’ve counted on Twitter to share tips and recipes on what the heck to feed him. You have pointers? Please tweet them.

Religion and politics. Although not safe conversation topics, they are topics that people are passionate about — that’s what makes them so volatile. What a great way to find others who share your perspectives… or don’t. As long as we are all abiding by the basic rules — being respectful and kind, I don’t see why we have to hide in the middle.

Retweets. It’s great to get the RT’s. But I think it feels even better to give them.

Rallying the troops. When people are in crisis, like the folks who were missing kids and pets in Joplin, I loved seeing the tweets fly. Someone may be stuck behind their computer on the other side of the world but it may be their tweet that helps get aid to someone in need.

Good nights. In the days when I was at home with my young kids — most days and nights — I was starved for intelligent adult communication, I lived for #gno’s on Twitter. I’ve kept company with many a nursing moms at 2am. What would I have given for some words of reassurance during those long dark nights of the soul.

So thank you, Caprice, for the inspiration and reminder. Gotta get back in the stream now. :)

photo of @JenLemen by Ria

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5 thoughts on “10 Things I Like Seeing in My Twitter Stream

  1. Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) says:

    AMEN!!! Twitter is a relationship building and social networking tool for me – not a place to broadcast. I want to engage and form real friendships. All then of the things you listed are why Twitter makes me happy and changes the life of a writer from lonely to awesome!

  2. Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) says:

    That should have said “all TEN” not “all then.” LOL Sorry!

  3. cecilyk says:

    Just today I saw someone asking for help finding a pair of crutches to borrow for two weeks. She had eight offers in less than five minutes. See? It IS a community.

  4. April S. Wright says:

    I agree with you and thank you for telling us how much you appreciate the tweeters. We appreciate you.

  5. riasharon says:

    Thank you, friends! I must admit that I was getting really down in the dumps about how “broadcasty” Twitter had become compared to “the early days.” Ha! But then I had a you-get-what-you-give moment and remembered my stream is… my stream! I get to control who I follow, right?

    Seeya online! Have a great night! ;)

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