10 Tweets About Halloween FAILS


My Halloween was fine, I think.  I was so busy running around like a meth-fueled squirrel coordinating the holiday for my offspring, that I barely remember how it went.  Nobody cried and I confiscated all the Pixie Stix before my kids even realized they had them, so I call it an epic win for mommy.

It was with guilty pleasure that I spent part of my morning trolling Twitter to document other folk’s #HalloweenFail experiences.  Here are my favorites:

(10) jencck: Kids are watching “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!” Lucy’s a little b*tch. Snoopy needs to bite her in the ass. #Halloween #badmom

(9) happygoth:On a related note, “sexy” Spongebob Squarepants (Spongebabe) is an oxymoron. #halloween #costume #fail

(8) MerrickWatts: Kids like olives, don’t they? #trickortreat

(7) taniakohut : Strangest #trickortreat moment: 60-year-old woman alone who didn’t make eye contact. No costume- unless she’s reppin for crazy cat ladies

(6) jelani9: New rule: you can no longer #trickortreat when you have facial hair. Kid knocking on my door looks like Isaac Hayes.

(5) jelani9:  Seriously, if you’re old enough to have razor bumps, it’s not #trickortreat, it’s panhandling.

(4) jimmyfallon : Went to party dressed as The Unabomber. My friend went as Ethan Hawke in “Before Sunrise.” No one knew who either of us were. #halloweenfail

(3) MumsnetTowers :”A sign saying, ‘Sacrifice volunteers, please ring bell’ normally does the trick. ”

(2) hausofblonde : It happened. Jim-jams have now been seen by a group of teenagers. I knew it. #trickortreat #fail

(1) ChickyMara: I personally feel that Crunchie bars and Crispy Crunch are inappropriate for children #halloween #badmommy

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