10-year-old Kameron Slade Addresses New York City Council on Gay Marriage

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Kameron Slade at last night's New York City Council meeting.

10-year-old Kameron Slade of Queens, NY delivered a rather thoughtful, eloquent speech in front of New York’s City Council yesterday in support of gay marriage. Slade was invited to speak in front of the council by Speaker Christine Quinn, who recently married her longtime partner Kim Catullo, The Huffington Post reports. Slade is a 5th grader at PS 195, and he originally wrote the speech for a schoolwide competition. He was initially rejected from the competition by the school’s principal who deemed the speech inappropriate, but was subsequently encouraged by Chancellor Dennis Walcott to present his arguments during a special assembly of 5th graders on Monday, June 18th.

My favorite thing about Slade is that he isn’t a child of gay parents making an appeal for marriage rights because of his upbringing. He’s just a naturally curious (ahem) little boy who wanted to understand why gay marriage isn’t fully accepted “all over the world” yet because the gay people he knows are really great and normal and he thinks everyone is making a big deal over nothing. Watch Slade’s expert oratory skills in action:

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