How Will You Celebrate 11/11/11?

What are your plans for 11/11/11?

This Friday is the long awaited once-in-a-century 11/11/11. I’m certain it will be a day of many marriages, mothers hoping to give birth, and apparently the search for the 11-year-old Messiah of Corduroy? (Uh, okay.) But, yay for such an awesome palindromic day!

In all the 11/11 excitement we must not forget that November 11 is observed as Veteran’s Day, the anniversary of the signing of the Armistice on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918 that ended World War 1. Many families will be honoring all United States veterans and those who have died in service. I’ll be taking my grandmother to visit my grandfather’s grave to place a  flag in remembrance of his time in the U.S. Army. It will be a very special 11/11/11 indeed.

My son’s fifth grade class at school plans to do a big countdown when it turns 11:11 a.m., and I thought it might be fun to have a pizza party for dinner — maybe we’ll arrange our veggies to make a big eleven. I also hope to toast with a big wish at 11:11 at night. Typing all that out doesn’t make it sound as exciting as it did in my head, however… got any creative ideas for me?

How do you plan to celebrate?

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