11 Creepiest Baby Shower Cakes...EVER! (Photos)

Totally Morbid: Cutting the Baby Cake

At my baby shower we had a standard sheet cake. I think there may have been some draped fondant involved but it was simple, sweet and delicious. But some? When they are throwing a baby shower they don’t go for the basic, they take the traditional baby shower cake to a whole ‘nother level. They take it to a place of silly, kooky, crazy and down right creepy.

We’re talking cakes formed into a pregnant belly, depictions of childbirth and yes, life-sized representations of the babies themselves. The oddest part of this new-fangled trend? The cutting and actual eating of said cake. It’s like some cannibalistic / sacrificial ritual from the cutting of the baby cake’s neck (see right) to the plunging a knife into the pregnant belly cake. So, so creepy.

Check out this collection of the twelve creepiest baby shower cakes EVER. What do you think? Do these cakes cross a line or are they cute?



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