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11 Hilarious Photos Depicting How Wives Should Undress in Front of their Husbands, Circa 1937

By Meredith Carroll |


The do’s (right) and don’t's (left) of undressing for your husband

It’s not as if it’s a complete surprise that there may or may not be a right and wrong way for a wife to undress in front of her husband. For instance, some wives will argue it’s totally necessary back up to the bathroom if they’re nude, lest they risk giving their husbands a full moon where the sun don’t shine.

But to learn there was once a school teaching wives how to do it?

The Allen Gilbert School of Undressing once existed, apparently. And in 1937, Life magazine featured a series of photos demonstrating how wives should undress in front of their husbands in the bedroom.

Take a look at the photos (courtesy of and see if you can learn something:


nggallery id=’123854′

Who knew there was a right and wrong way to undress?

The Do's and Don't's of Undressing

The Don't is on the left. The Do is on the right, and she's none other than "ex-Burlesque stripper, Professor June St. Clair."
Ah, a Ph.D. in Undressing. Raise your hand if you think you missed your calling.

All photos courtesy of

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Meredith Carroll

Meredith C. Carroll is an award-winning columnist and writer based in Aspen, Colorado. She can be found regularly on the Op-Ed page of The Denver Post. From 2005-2012 her other column, "Meredith Pro Tem" ran in several newspapers, as well as occasionally on The Huffington Post since 2009. Read more about her (or don’t, whatever) at her website. Read bio and latest posts → Read Meredith's latest posts →

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31 thoughts on “11 Hilarious Photos Depicting How Wives Should Undress in Front of their Husbands, Circa 1937

  1. LN says:

    <3 this!! LOL

  2. Sarah A. says:

    I wonder if the shoes ever come off. :)

  3. Hazel Harrison says:

    Great seems to me that they are giving a show to everyone with the drapes open and those flimsy net curtains…maybe that is part of the allure

  4. Alexander says:

    So obviously the first “do” is “do be a curvaceous, hot blonde with sexy attire, and not a frumpy straight-lined brunette with a house-dress “sack”…..

  5. Dennis says:

    Men don’t care how you do it as long as you’re getting naked, they love it! I just wouldn’t let him see any stained clothing articles…even if he sometimes does it. He expects you to be the model of proper etiquette until you’re both in the sack together then he desires the exact opposite! Go figure…

  6. Dennis says:

    Hardly relevant now since no woman I know dresses in those garments anymore.

  7. tattoostats says:

    Oh my god Dennis! I love those kinds of garments! Makes me feel sexy even if no one knows but me. I’ve been married for 23 yrs and never once did a get a compliment, etc. The worst I heard was “why the hell you got that on?” I finally gave up and I consider myself still young at 55.

  8. doug s says:

    I remember, when I was a kid in the sixties, my parents and their friends were talking about a book that was making the rounds, called How To Strip For Your Husband.

  9. mary says:

    Gosh, I wish I lived back then. Those thighs and legs are me. I wish they were considered sexy today. I would be the sexiest woman alive!!!

  10. Bruce says:

    Judging from the photos, having two wives was considered appropriate. :)

  11. Willy says:

    It’s funny that even back then the press was doing semi-porn under the guise of hard-hitting journalism. You could buy dirty pictures and still respect yourself.

  12. Buck Bradley says:

    That 1930′s chick is pretty danged hot….

  13. vinnie says:

    She brought a friend. I don’t care how they get undressed. She did it right.

  14. PacRim Jim says:

    How should a wife undress in front of her husband?
    Often, particularly when young.

  15. wagnert in atlanta says:

    I strongly suggest that if you undress using the Don’t method, that you do it with someone else in the room. You need to have someone there to cut you free if you get a garter wrapped around your neck.

  16. Slider says:

    I think it would be hilarious if Meredith undressed in front of anybody. She obviously thinks pleasing a husband is so dark ages.

  17. Locomotive Breath says:

    Those stockings aren’t pantyhose. Sheeesh!

  18. Kathleen Wagner says:

    You know, I have my doubts about this having appeared in Life Magazine in 1937. Even when I was a small child (early Sixties), Life was a magazine you could hand to the children on a rainy day and let them amuse themselves with it. My parents’ eyes would have bugged out if Life had done one of their famous photo spreads on sexy undressing for the marital bedroom, and we would have been completely grossed out. I don’t think it can have been published in Life.

  19. comment says:

    Amazing! These women are not Photoshopped, you can see cellulite and true hip and leg size and they’re still so sexy and real! Why can’t be put the Photoshopped version of celebrities and model in our magazines? They’re still sexy and beautiful. Why do we have to make them into unrealistic caricatures, when the real deal is already perfect?

  20. GrannyT says:

    The comments are just has funny as the pictures!

  21. Destiny says:

    These are funny because in that time of history showing any thing that was deliberate and sexy was a no no. I disagree with one of the posters who said that stockings weren’t pantyhose, lol no they aren’t stockings are sexy, pantyhose are needed to hold your tummy in or hide inconsistencies in the legs. More women are going back to the 50′s – 60′s era when you were FAST if you went out without a girdle, and silk was the splurge on yourself material, especially in lingerie and stockings. Retro doesn’t have to be a bad thing the past has some great clothing ideas that I am glad are coming back. They make me feel like a lady, even when I wear them just for myself.

  22. Huckleberry says:

    Awesome. This photo set should be used in every junior high school sex education class.

  23. The Cheeky Goddess says:

    well well well………..always go to know that even back then thin was NOT the in :) :) :) KUDOS KUDOS KUDOS I found it both humorous & interesting all at the same time …..besides which u gotta fall off a chair a few times before ya get it right for any man be it boyfriend husband or even the naughty one night stand………… GO GET ‘EM GIRLS

  24. Judith Shipstad says:

    How about respecting yourself and NOT undressing in front of your so-called lover?

  25. Qflux says:

    These women are both natural and smoking hot… It seems today it is so rare to find a woman who is just natural, comfortably feminine and sexy.

  26. Desiree' says:

    these ladies are both pretty,but does anyone else think this is a bit ridiculous?

  27. Desiree' says:

    JS, no woman should feel self conscious about undressing in front of their man,just unzip and let it confident… you dont need to be taught.

  28. Willy Flores says:

    Just starting viewing some photos, but i have difficulty in seeing the same because of low bandwidth allocation, and i always having had episodes of refresh and re-start more often. But i agree that some photos need to be studied and maybe emulated by married people madly in love with each other.

  29. Ricky says:

    Interesting but irrelevant…

  30. Carolina says:

    Where’s the 1937 Chippendales version for women?

  31. Penny says:

    If you want to get over yourself and feel more confident about your own body: take selfies as “sexy as you can” as you undress or completely in the buff. Seeing yourself this way when no one is looking helps you accept that you might actually be smoking hot yourself. (selfies are pictures you take of yourself using your phone. Totally deleteable if you choose!)

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