11-Year-Old Fights for Health Care Reform after Mother's Death


Anyone who says the health care system isn’t broke never said that to the face of a young child who lost his mother. Marcelas Owens, whose mother died of pulmonary hypertension, is taking his message straight to congress.

“The health care system is broken, and it caused my mother’s death,” Marcelas said in an interview on MSNBC.

Marcelas’ mother, Tiffany, was no longer able to work due to her condition. She lost her job and then lost her health coverage. All her son could do was watch his mother’s health fail because of the system many politicians call “the best in the world.”

Like millions of struggling Americans, all this young man is asking is for affordable health care for people who need it. He’s not asking for handouts or a free ride. But merely suggesting lives will be saved, quality of living will improve and even the economy will benefit makes many politicians uncomfortable. Just the mere idea of placing human life above money makes them uncomfortable.

Why is this kid smarter than so many adults?

Source: Black Voices

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