11-Year-Old Girl Dies After Fight with a Classmate


The mother of an 11-year-old girl who passed away six hours after getting into a physical fight with another female classmate is awaiting answers from the Los Angeles County Coroners Office on exactly how and why her daughter died.

Joanna Ramos, a student at Willard Elementary, allegedly met another student in a nearby alley after school where they carried out their plan to fight over what friends say was a dispute about a boy.

“They took off their backpacks, and they put their hair in a bun, and then that’s when they said ‘go’ and that’s when they started hitting each other,” said a friend of Ramos’ and witness to the altercation in an interview with KNBC.

According to the girl’s aunt, Ramos left the fight with nothing more than a bloody nose and returned to an after school program where she later vomited. Cecilia Villanueva, the girl’s mother, was then called to pick up her daughter. Villanueva says her daughter wasn’t feeling well and requested that she take her home to rest. A few hours later, Ramos slipped into a coma and died at a local hospital.

Police have interviewed the other student involved in the altercation, but caution against linking the two events until an autopsy has been completed. Currently, no arrests are pending.

This is a senseless tragedy made even more disturbing by reports from witnesses that they tried to stop the fight, but were held back by boys who wanted it to continue. It seems that there is no age too early to talk to your children about bullying and violence.

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