11-Year-Old Mayor For a Day Renames Main Street Justin Beiber Way

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber Way? Yes Way!

Ask any 11-year-old girl what she would do if she was mayor for a day? 8 out of 10 of them would probably wield their power in such a way to include Justin Bieber is some form or another. That’s just what tween Caroline Gonzalez did when she was named the mayor of Forney, Texas for 24 hours.

Caroline won the honor of being mayor for a day from a contest to get kids interested in politics and municipal government. And her big bold act? Renaming Main Street “Justin Bieber Way.” But will the name stick?

Sadly for Caroline  – and all those other Forney, Texas Justin Beiber fans – it won’t. The sign only stayed up for the one day that she was acting mayor. And it didn’t hurt the people of Forney. It only cost about $20 to have the temporary sign made, no one on Main Street had to get their address labels reprinted and in the end it was great publicly for the Dallas area town, plus some pretty awesome bragging rights for the young lady.

Justin Bieber would have been invited to the unveiling of the sign, but, unfortunately, the residents of Forney were not able to reach the honoree.

Image: Flickr

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