11-Year-Old Returns Stolen Purse with $2,000


boy-scoutsAs the Boy Scouts of America approaches its centennial, an 11-year-old Scout in North Carolina has served as a reminder that the good Samaritan teachings of the Scouts are still relevant.

Edward Myers was helping some neighbors plant trees in a park (I know; it’s like he was pulled straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting), and he noticed a purse lying near the creek. He and his mother opened it to seek identification, and were flabbergasted when they found $1,900 in cash.

When the owner showed up to reclaim it, he or she said that the thief had broken a car window to get the wallet, and then apparently grabbed 30 bucks out of the main billfold before tossing it toward the creek. Talk about lazy. If thieves showed half the gumption of Scouts like Edward, they’d have to break far fewer car doors.

In any case, the grateful owner handed Edward a $100 bill, $40 of which he gave to his mother and $60 of which he used to buy a Carolina Panthers jersey.

Why this person was casually carrying around $2,000 in cash remains a mystery. We can only hope little Edward’s jersey was not purchased with drug money.


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