12 Tweets That Recall Favorite Memories of the Baby Years #imisswhen

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What's your favorite baby memory?

I’ve been thinking about when my kids were babies a lot lately. Like a crazy amount. Reminiscing about the “old days” when they were just wee little ones, figuring out the world and needing mom and dad so much.

My kids are 8 and 10 now, so those baby and toddler years are way behind us, but we love to take a little stroll down memory lane with the kids and share the adorable and funny things they did when they were babies.

You’ve heard it a million times, but you can never get that time back with your kids. And, while I’m happy with the kids they’ve become, I can’t help but miss those simpler times too.

For me, I loved those marathon snuggle sessions, now a thing of the past because they’re too big to sit and snuggle for more than 5 minutes with mommy! Also? And this may be totally crazy – but I miss the sound of that baby cry, which for the first child, overwhelmed me and seemed so loud in the middle of the night.

We took a poll on Twitter to find out what other parents miss about those days and got a fun mix of responses. Interestingly, a lot of them had to do with sleep!

Check out these 12 tweets in response to the hashtag #imisswhen.

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    "@neusminnaar: the cuddling and falling asleep while holding my now 5 year old in my arms. #misswhen"
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    "@BethDeitchman: I miss watching the sun come up with them. HATED it then. But it was a baby, me, and nothing but quiet. Seems idyllic now."
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    "@bbrelie: #imisswhen he used to pass out in my arms and make funny faces in his sleep."
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    "@Writing_Mom: #imisswhen my daughters fell asleep on my chest..."
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    "@writewrds: They used to sit on my lap for cuddle time and stories. #imisswhen"
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    "@kayharris87: #imisswhen she was a little baby who wanted to be cuddled all day long! :)"
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    "@DWwithChildren: The two things I miss the most are wearing her in the Ergo as an infant and nursing her before bedtime!"
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    "@starcise: #imisswhen they first started sleeping through the night and I listened to them breathing/sleeping on the baby monitor."
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    "@kiddycharts: #imisswhen my kids couldn't talk properly and they used to say the cutest things...all this proper English is just boring!"
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    "@DealTickerOttw: great question...probably the innocence..."
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    "@momcafetricity: impromptu naps & snoozing on the couch with the baby during my first mat leave. No snoozing now with 3 kids monstering about!"
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    "@mymomfriday: when I can still carry them without breaking my back! :)))) #imisswhen"