13-Year-Old Scores A 162 IQ (Better Than Einstein and Hawking!)

13-year-old Neha Ramu
13-year-old Neha Ramu

Neha Ramu’s mom tells The Daily Mail the teen likes TV, swimming and playing with her friends.

Sounds like any other 13-year-old, right?

Well, Neha also happens to have scored a 162 on the Mensa IQ test for people under 18. That’s the highest score possible in that age category and makes her one of the smartest people in the UK.

Any score of above 140 is considered to be genius. In fact, while Stephen Hawking refuses to reveal his IQ it’s estimated at 160.

So how did Neha get so smart? She lived in Bangalore, India until she was seven and she thinks the Indian education system gave her a head start.

Her mom and dad had no clue Neha was so smart until she scored the top marks possible in her UK entrance exams.

‘When I found out I got such a high score it was so amazing and unexpected…Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, they’ve achieved so much. It’s not right to compare me to them just because of my IQ. If I don’t put in my effort and make use of my IQ then there’s no point in having it.” Neha told the BBC.

Neha says she hopes to study neurology at the prestigious Harvard University.

What do you think? Is an IQ like this a case of nature or nurture? Was Neha born this way or was she taught to be sharp? Or is it a combination of both?

Photo credit: BBC.
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