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14 Careers Parenthood Prepares Us For

Have you ever been asked in an interview if you would consider yourself a skilled multi-tasker? To a parent this question is laughable. We can cook dinner, hold a phone conversation, and change a diaper one-handed all while another little person is pulling on our pants leg in an attempt to break our concentration.

Unfortunately, the skills we develop as parents hold little value for our employers. When inquiring about our ability to remember and recall information quickly, our future boss is unlikely to be impressed that we have Good Night Moon and 15 other children’s books committed to memory.

Check out this list of jobs parenthood would qualify us for in a perfect world.

  • Short order cook 1 of 14
    Short order cook
    Ever prepare an elaborate meal only to have your children turn their nose up at it? Did you then prepare a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for one and a hot dog for the other? Then you might have a promising career as a short order cook.
    Photo credit: Flickr.
  • Private eye 2 of 14
    Private eye
    Solving the case of the missing pacifier means retracing the steps of a toddler and often stops just short of requiring a background in forensics. Parents would make excellent detectives.
    Photo credit: Flickr.
  • Interpreter 3 of 14
    Daily relaying the meaning in the slurred, run-together babble of your baby may be all the preparation you need to pick up a career as an interpreter.
    Photo credit: Flickr.
  • Judge 4 of 14
    Who gets the bigger half of a split cookie and who punched who first? Being a parent means settling disputes between your children daily in a fair and impartial manner. Now all you need is a law degree.
    Photo credit: Flickr.
  • Paparazzi 5 of 14
    Are you obsessed with capturing every moment of your child's life on film? Do you snap hundreds of pictures of them doing very ordinary things? Turn your lens toward a celebrity instead, and you could have a lucrative career as a member of the paparazzi.
    Photo credit: Flickr.
  • Personal assistant 6 of 14
    Personal assistant
    Scheduling appointments, confirming your child has all the things necessary for their day, and ensuring their laundry is clean and pressed — replace your child with an executive and you have the makings of a promising career as a personal assistant.
    Photo credit: Flickr.
  • Seamstress 7 of 14
    Darning socks, stitching up holes in a well-loved stuffed animal, sewing a patch in a favorite pair of jeans — need I say more?
    Photo credit: Flickr.
  • Taxi driver 8 of 14
    Taxi driver
    Soccer, ballet, and piano, each one a cross-town drive. At this point you know every way there is to get from point A to point B. It's enough to make you wonder how your mini-van would look painted yellow.
    Photo credit: Flickr.
  • Teacher 9 of 14
    If you've ever taught your third-grader long division without pulling every hair from your head you may want to consider a career as a teacher.
    Photo credit: Flickr.
  • Therapist 10 of 14
    Ever help a pre-teen sort through their school day drama? Purchase a leather couch and let your kids know your hourly rate.
    Photo credit: Flickr.
  • Zookeeper 11 of 14
    Kids can act like animals. Enough said.
    Photo credit: Flickr.
  • Doctor 12 of 14
    This may be a stretch, but dealing with all the fevers, colds, coughs, and viruses is enough to make you feel like a professional.
    Photo credit: Flickr.
  • Referee 13 of 14
    Calling fouls and breaking up fights is all part of a day in the life of a parent. Take that skill to a hockey rink and you may find your calling in life.
  • Hostage negotiator 14 of 14
    Hostage negotiator
    Negotiating the terms of release for a toy kidnapped from its rightful owner by a hostile toddler makes hostage negotiation look like the real child's play.

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