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15 Hilarious, Creepy and Just Plain Bizarre School Textbook Fails

We spend a lot of time monitoring what our children look at on the Internet, what they watch on TV, the music they listen to and wondering whether or not their reading material is appropriate but we didn’t think to check their school books, did we?

Turns out, we maybe ought to pay a bit more attention to the textbooks our kids are lugging around every day. Whether it’s because they’re outdated or from outside the country, thar be some strange things in textbooks.

Below is a sampling of some of the creepiest textbook finds. Some are kind of funny, some are just plain bizarre and some are outright lies.

  • Click through for the fails! 1 of 16
  • Is that a body part?! 2 of 16

     Help! Someone's been buried alive. And also. If A and B are 1/3 of 25 and traveling eight miles an hour what do they equal?

    Source: boredpanda.com

  • Speaking of trouble… 3 of 16

    Seriously? That was the only sentence they could come up with for trouble?

    Source: weknowmemes.com

  • My, what a big ruler you have… 4 of 16

     Naked Tom and his giant ruler. I wonder what he's going to measure?

    Source: boredpanda.com

  • The Sexiest Rectangle 5 of 16

     Everyone knows rectangles are the sexiest shape.

    Source: bluesyemre.com

  • Be cautious 6 of 16

     I don't know about the kid but that dog is sure enjoying the show.

    Source: bluesyemre.com

  • A magical hummingbird and other tales 7 of 16

     A magical hummingbird! Who prophesied a Patriotic and Revolutionary Vagina, no less.

    Source: thestrawbuyer.blogspot.com

  • What are the odds? 8 of 16

     It was decided by 13 million to one! What are the odd of that happening? Probably 13 million to one. P.S. Watch out for angry chickens or else the vote will be taken from us. For our own safety, of course.

    Source: thestrawbuyer.blogspot.com

  • Because diseases are so funny! 9 of 16

     Because Alzheimer's is HILARIOUS.

    Source: Reddit.com

  • Blasphemous boys 10 of 16

     Wait, WHAT?

    Source: Reddit.com

  • White lines 11 of 16

    But seriously, say no to drugs!

    Source: bluesyemre.wordpress.com

  • Ooh La La! 12 of 16

    Just in case you're ever in France and come across to naked people in a bush... You'll know what to say.

    Source: bluesyemre.wordpress.com

  • He’s everywhere 13 of 16

     He's in our textbooks too? Damn. Kid is everywhere.

    Source: boredpanda.com

  • The Four F’s 14 of 16

     Wait. I don't get it. There are only three F's there. Mating doesn't start with F ----. Oh wait, I see.

    Source: boredpanda.com

  • Don’t try this at home 15 of 16

     Don't try this at home, kids. Or anywhere else, like, ever.

    Source: barnorama.com

  • Someone hand me a tissue 16 of 16

     Also what we feel like doing after reading textbooks.

    Source: barnorama.com

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