15 Little Indignities We Suffer By Going Home for the Holidays

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How many of these 15 things happened to you this week?

It doesn’t matter where you grew up, where you live now, how old you are, your marital status, how successful you are or if you have kids or not, we all suffer the same types of tiny indignities when we go “home” for the holidays to visit those lovable (?) nutjobs we call family. (Unless you’re one of the few lucky ones who comes from a healthy family, that is. If so, can I come over?)

  • Sleeping in your childhood bed. 1 of 15
    Sleeping in your childhood bed.
    No, it's cool, mom. My feet can just hang off the end of the bed.
    Photo credit: mercantila
  • Sleeping with your significant other in your childhood bed. 2 of 15
    Sleeping with your significant other in your childhood bed.
    #awkward #timetogetclose
    Photo credit: iStock
  • Being asked to sleep in separate beds. 3 of 15
    Being asked to sleep in separate beds.
    Totally. Don't worry - we've been dating for a year but we haven't had sex yet!
    Photo credit: iStock
  • Sleeping on the couch because your parents turned your room into… 4 of 15
    Sleeping on the couch because your parents turned your room into... office, a laundry room, a craft room, a shrine to your former potential...
    Photo credit: Flickr user elthenerd
  • Your mom’s boyfriend. 5 of 15
    Your mom's boyfriend.
    And his jokes about getting "lei'd."
    Photo credit: Flickr user netmonkey
  • Your dad’s girlfriend. 6 of 15
    Your dad's girlfriend.
    She's a beaut!
    Photo credit: Flickr user Marie Smoking TS
  • Your elderly racist relative… 7 of 15
    Your elderly racist relative...
    ...who wants to know why your cousin has a black kid with her.
    Photo credit: Flickr user jaded one
  • Your drunk uncle. 8 of 15
    Your drunk uncle.
    "C'mere and give your old uncle a kiss."
    Photo credit: SNL screen shot
  • “Why don’t you just become a teacher?” 9 of 15
    "Why don't you just become a teacher?"
    Photo credit: iStock
  • “So, when are you getting married?” 10 of 15
    "So, when are you getting married?"
    Photo credit: Flickr user JodiWomack
  • “We’re getting married!” 11 of 15
    "We're getting married!"
    Oh God...
    Photo credit: Flickr user kendrick
  • “Don’t you wanna have kids?” 12 of 15
    "Don't you wanna have kids?"
    "We're on our third... Joey, I SAID STOP IT. Sorry, what was I saying?"
    Photo credit: stock.xchng
  • “What’s wrong with your kids?” 13 of 15
    "What's wrong with your kids?"
    "They're so rambunctious. It's like they're... children."
    Photo credit: Flickr user Brit
  • “When are you breaking up?” 14 of 15
    "When are you breaking up?"
    "I thought you guys were breaking up."
    Photo credit: Flickr user
  • “Pull my finger.” 15 of 15
    "Pull my finger."
    See you next year...
    Photo credit: Flickr user Corscri Daje Tutti! [Cristiano Corsini]

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