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15 Worst Movie Moms Ever

Much different than the 5 TV Moms Who Inspire Me To Be A Better Mother (and 5 Who Do Not), I’ve compiled a list of no-good, ugly, mean, and hardcore scary mothers on film for the 15 Worse Movie Moms Ever. Of course I can’t please everyone, so check out the list and let me know which movie mom you deem worthy of the title. (Also, spoiler alert! to most of the movies I mention!)

  • Ginger McKenna, Casino 1 of 15
    Ginger McKenna, Casino

    Ok, so Sharon Stone's Ginger McKenna repulses me- there's of course the drugs and prostitution, but then she ties her child to the bed, oh and also thinks she should have custody of her? Uh, yeah, maybe I should have made this the craziest movie moms ever list.

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  • Margaret White, Carrie 2 of 15
    Margaret White, Carrie

    Carrie's mom, played by Piper Laurie is scary-religious and abusive (nice combo, eh?) She injures herself to try to get her daughter to obey her beliefs and when Carrie makes her own prom dress, Margaret insists that they should burn it and pray for forgiveness because it is the sinful color "red". Ooooooh. And then later they both try to kill each other. Carrie wins. Not sure if that is a happy ending or not.

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  • Joan Crawford, Mommie Dearest 3 of 15
    Joan Crawford, Mommie Dearest

    Joan Crawford (played convincingly by Faye Dunaway in this "true" story) so desperately wants children but is out of control with being in control, lavishing luxuries upon them and then taking it away, constant competition and oh yeah the chopping off her daughter's hair like a madwoman part. Don't forget about the wire hanger: beating her child with it because she hung a dress with a wire hanger, and then screaming about wanting a spotless house, destroying rooms just to make the children clean it up... uh ok. Thank God she sends her daughter away to boarding school. Then later Joan tells her she was adopted as a publicity stunt. Now I need to go breathe into a paper bag and hug my kids.

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  • Mary, Precious 4 of 15
    Mary, Precious

    Mary (played by Mo'nique who won AWARDS for this nasty role) is easily in the running for most evil movie mom ever. How she treats her pregnant daughter (pregnant not by choice I must add! It's her own father's baby GAG.) can't even be put into words. Also, this list of worst movie moms is icky and sad. I hate that some of them are based on true stories.

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  • Erica Sayers, Black Swan 5 of 15
    Erica Sayers, Black Swan

    First of all, can we just talk about Barbara Hershey for a second before we get to her character as Natalie Portman's mom in Black Swan? She was easily the scariest part of the movie for me. But yeah, she played the smothering mother that costs her talented daughter her sanity quite well. Shudder. (Also, remember that room with all her drawings? Eep.)

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  • Queen Mary, The King’s Speech 6 of 15
    Queen Mary, The King's Speech

    Queen Mary played by Claire Bloom is the reason King George VI has his nervous stutter. Great mothering, lady.

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  • Alice Ecklund, The Fighter 7 of 15
    Alice Ecklund, The Fighter

    Melissa Leo in The Fighter is Alice Ecklund, a rugged mom who plays favorites to her drug addict son Dickie and allows her other son Mickey to take a vicious beating in a mismanaged fight that could have ended his life and career. Not to mention the daughters she raised... quite some winners there. (Sarcasm.)

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  • Mama Fratelli, The Goonies 8 of 15
    Mama Fratelli, The Goonies

    Poor Sloth. He was freaky looking but he had a good heart. And his mama dropped him when he was a baby! GAH. Anne Ramsey as Mama Fratelli, mother to bumbling bad guys outsmarted by a group of adventurous kids, is a perfect fit for this list.

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  • Corinne Dollanganger, Flowers In The Attic 9 of 15
    Corinne Dollanganger, Flowers In The Attic

    Where to begin with the horrible mothering? Corinne Dollanganger needs money and takes her four kids to live at her abusive mother's home where they are locked in an attic, beaten, starved (forcing them to drink each other's blood, and eat mice and aresenic-laden doughnuts made lovingly by grandmother). Corinne remarries and leaves the kids in the attic while she lives the high life just floors below in the mansion. Barf.

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  • Deborah Clasky, Spanglish 10 of 15
    Deborah Clasky, Spanglish

    I remember hating Deborah Clasky (played by Tea Leoni) in Spanglish- she was a neurotic, insensitive mother who is ashamed of her own daughter and obviously gushes over the beautiful young girl of her maid.

    image source

  • Allison, Trainspotting 11 of 15
    Allison, Trainspotting

    Ugh, I didn't want to go there but I have never been able to get that image out of my head after all these years. There's that one scene... druggie Allison discovers that her infant daughter, Dawn, has died from neglect, in her filthy crib.

    image source

  • Fiona, About A Boy 12 of 15
    Fiona, About A Boy

    Toni Collette's Fiona is one movie mom that I want to like and see her potential but it's hard to get around the whole trying to kill herself when she's all her son Marcus has. Oh, and he's the one to find her and her suicide note. Yet, their relationship teaches an awesome lesson on knowing when our kids are expressing themselves or really expressing us.

    image source

  • Jane, Laurel Canyon 13 of 15
    Jane, Laurel Canyon

    While I love Frances McDormand, her character in Laurel Canyon was far from the mother of the year. She smoked joints like they were cigarettes and made out with her son's girlfriend, so...

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  • Mrs. McCallister, Home Alone 14 of 15
    Mrs. McCallister, Home Alone

    Okay I'll give you a pass the first time you lock your child in a room and then leave the country, Mrs. McCallister but multiple times you forget him? And you leave him to fend off burglars? And you can't get back to him within DAYS? Sheesh.

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  • Mrs. Bates, Psycho 15 of 15
    Mrs. Bates, Psycho

    So yeah I couldn't leave off PSYCHO. True confession: I've never seen the whole movie because, well, I don't see why I should. Let's just say I've seen enough and we all know that Mrs. Bates demands that Norman kill anyone that checks into his motel yet at the same time she gets on him because his business is failing... and the whole thing that (spoiler alert!) Mrs. Bates and Norman are the same twisted person.

    image source

So, who did I leave off? Also, I’m composing a list of best movie moms for next week- got any suggestions?

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