17-year-old Girl Attempted Bank Robber


532375889_8823a77182Parents of teens worry — and in some cases, expect — that their kids will find themselves in trouble at some point.  But few parents worry their kids will turn bank robber before their 18th birthday.

A 17-year-old girl strolled into a bank on Paris’s Left Bank.  Reportedly blonde, “beautiful,” and charming, she apparently sweet talked the guards into letting her into a secure area of the bank.  Then she surprised everyone by pulling out a gun.

A local police spokesman told the Daily Mail:

‘The young woman was wearing summer white and looked as though she was on her way on a shopping trip.  Security guards thought she was charming and very beautiful. When she pulled out handgun and asked them to hand over the money they couldn’t believe it.”

The girl ordered her accomplices — two boys, also 17 and also from her suburban neighborhood — be let into the bank so they could complete their heist, but the trio were busted by a silent alarm.  They escaped, but were quickly captured and arrested.

Proving that practice doesn’t make perfect when it comes to a life of crime, both the girl and one of her accomplices had criminal records — the boy with 41 offenses.  Do they charge kids as adults in the City of Lights?  Might be time for these three to face up to their actions once and for all.

Photo: playroughde, Flickr

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