2-Week-Old Baby Rescued From Earthquake Rubble (Must-See Video!)

Human beings at their finest.

I am sitting here bawling my eyes out over this unbelievable video. Human beings at their finest.

I am in awe.

A 14-day-old baby girl was pulled ALIVE from the rubble 46 hours after the massive earthquake struck Turkey. As Danielle Sullivan reported earlier this week, the quake struck the eastern Van province, registering at 7.2. The death toll has risen to 366 with 1,301 people injured.

Dozens of buildings collapsed and rescue teams have been working nonstop since the earthquake to save people still trapped in the rubble. Thank God they kept at it because the rescue of this tiny human is unbelievable. As Yahoo reports, “hours later, the baby’s mother, Semiha, was pulled from the flattened building, where she had been pinned next to a sofa, and rushed to an ambulance. The father was also in the rubble, but it was unclear if he survived.”

Watch the dramatic rescue of the tiny baby girl below: