2-Year-Old Can't Cry, It Would Kill Her


Kids cry all the time. I think my son cried this weekend when I screwed up and didn’t call him by his recently chosen name “Grand Master Batman Flash” (I think I called him “Grand Master Batman Fletch“). There might be no mode that comes more naturally to children than crying.

But for Two-year-old Tianna McHugh crying is not an option. When Tianna cries her body seizes and stiffens, her skin turns white, her heart stops beating and she stops breathing.

Tianna’s deathly bouts have a name: Reflex Anoxic Seizure. She was first diagnosed with RAS at 18 months and has suffered 10 seizures since. That first time, Tianna’s mother, Ceri, thought her baby was dead.

“She went a deathly grey, her lips and around her eyes were blue and her eyes rolled back in her head.

“When she has the fits she stops breathing and looks dead because she stiffens up and her back arches.”

The good news is doctors think Tianna may grow out of having seizures. The question is how do you keep a two-year-old from crying without saying, “please don’t cry or you’ll die”?


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