2-Year-Old Delivers Baby Brother


hand-in-handYou hear stories about dad delivering the baby all the time. But who ever heard of a two-year-old stepping in to catch his baby brother?

Two-year-old Jeremiah Favazza literally helped mom Bobbye push brother Kamron into the world.

According to WBLT, Favazza had C-sections with her first three children, including Jeremiah, and she’d schedule a Cesarean for Kamron. But the baby boy had other ideas. He decided to come two weeks early, when she was home alone with Jeremiah on the couch.

The two-year-old told his mom she needed a towel, ran to get it, then stayed by her side while she pushed. His grandmother remained on the phone during the process, although someone called 911. Paramedics arrived just in time to cut the cord.

That’s one way to experience your first VBAC and home birth all in one.

Another surprise? Kamron was supposed to be a girl.

Image: fabrisalvetti via flickr

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