20 Silly, Sad & Scary Tweets #liesivetoldmyparents

Tweeters Lies!

Okay, if you are a parent you know that day is going to come. The day your child lies to you. That child you birthed, raised, washed, fed, and loved with all your heart will – eventually – fib to your face. Sometimes they are harmless white lies (like saying they didn’t eat all the M&Ms) but others mask things that strike fear in the hearts of all parents – mainly the kids covering up their flirtations with sex, drugs and alcohol.

On Tuesday a trending topic was #liesivetoldmyparents with tweeters far and wide contributing the lies the that they told their folks. Think of this as warning, what to watch out for when your own kids hit the lying stage. Yes, you are welcome.

Check out twenty of the silliest, saddest and scariest ones here.

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