2011's Most Watched YouTube Videos


As we near the end of a pretty fantastic year — and definitely one where the viral video was still king — Mashable has compiled a list of YouTube’s 10 Most Viewed Videos of 2011 (not including those produced by major music labels.) If your family is like mine, you have watched several of them many times especially if they involved cute animals or Star Wars.



Coming in at number ten with over 38,206,000 views  is Cat mom hugs baby kitten. Seriously that dreaming kitty is the sweetest, and the hug just takes it over the top with cuteness.

The thing about The Force: Volkswagen Commercial, at number nine with 45,248,000+ views, is that I had totally convinced my husband that it wasn’t really a kid that was dressed up as Darth Vader. Turns out it really is a kid, by the way.


The Talking Twin Babies, number four on the list, has been viewed over 56 million times and they only say dadada over and over and over again. But my kids still find it hilarious every time.


I admit that The Ultimate Dog Tease, coming in at number two with 76 million views, was one we watched over and over and even sent to our parents and anyone else we knew would love it, too. It’s probably the only one on this list that we are still not tired of watching.

The number one most viewed video on YouTube according to Mashable is by the person with the most googled name this year as well: Rebecca Black’s Friday. Who knew? (And I just don’t have the heart to post that one here.) You can see the entire top 10 at Mashable.

What was your favorite video of 2011? What do you want to see more of in 2012?

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