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25 Things Women Will Never Understand About Men

By Lori Garcia |

MSN Living recently published 50 Things That Still Perplex Men About Women and I literally LOL’d. From the “insta-cry” to the group bathroom visits, women reign supreme as the more complicated species.

While it may seem just about every man problem can be solved by the trifecta of sports, sex, and food, this truth does little to explain these top 25 man habits.

Men, we’re begging. Please help us understand.

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25 Things Women Will Never Understand About Men

Your need to fix everything

When we cried because our boss was a jerk, we didn't expect you to come up with a plan to get him fired. Why can't you just let us be sad and pretend to listen?
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What else won’t we ever understand about men?

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Lori Garcia

Lori Garcia is a writer and mother of two living and loving in Southern California. When she's not fussing with her bangs, you can find her shaking her groove thing on her personal blog, Mommyfriend where she almost never combines true tales of motherhood and mayhem with her degree in child development. Read bio and latest posts → Read Lori's latest posts →

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92 thoughts on “25 Things Women Will Never Understand About Men

  1. Leanne says:

    Oh, hey, awesome, more stereotypes! Because spending 25 panels to insist that men are stupid is hilarious!

  2. Dora @ Just the Things and I says:

    OMG…I was in stitches! LOL

    The baby sitting one had me rolling. You don’t know how many times the ex would say that. I would just look at him blankly. REALLY?!

    Great post! I love it!

  3. Linda, T.O.O. says:

    This is the perfect example of a blog post with an unnecessary slide show. The writer isn’t showing us jack shit. It’s pointless and annoying. Next.

  4. bunnytwenty says:

    god forbid we should just acknowledge that both men and women are complex, individual human beings, capable of a broad range of stupid behavior or smart behavior, moral behavior or immoral behavior. Then, we might actually enjoy satisfying lives instead of being pitted by our society against people who many/most of us love and need in our lives.

    1. bigjim says:

      What I find most interesting as a difference between women and men, is the female desire to be accepted exactly as she is, with all her faults and hangups, yet her never ending desire to change and improve the men in her life.

  5. Manjari says:

    No way am I going to click through these, so I am commenting without really reading… but I agree that these stereotypes are silly.

  6. Stacy says:

    This is, quite possibly, the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. What I do find interesting…the one person who thought it was funny has an “ex”. Take note of that.

    Ladies, men are men…they aren’t women with penises. Quit expecting them to act like you, quit berating their inherently masculine qualities, and you’ll be a lot happier.

  7. Cam says:

    Wow, and I have perhaps some of the strongest feminist, anti-stereotyping credentials of anyone I know, and I found this pretty funny. Could be it’s late, and I’m tired. Or could be that after a really long time of living with men–husband, son, father, brother, friends–I know that there is a lot more truth in most of this than I ever would have thought a couple decades ago!! Sure we are all individuals, but we are also either men or women, and over the long haul the differences do loom…

  8. Walter says:

    Your need to fix everything – Women talk.. men do. If you do not want a man to offer a solution to your “problem” tell it to your girlfriend. Men tell other men their problems because they are looking for a solution, how to get the car running, why the computer does not work, etc.

    Oblivious to a single detail – What’s the baby’s sex or weight or name, has no real bearing on our lives, does it? Why worry about it?

    Sleeping through a crying baby – No, we really are sleeping. The baby does not want us, it wants mom.. BTW, women do not pretend to “have a headache” or are sleeping from time to time, do they?.

    The comb over – If the comb over has never fooled anyone, neither has false eyelashes, the padded bra, or breast implants.

    Booby Kryptonite – Yes they are just boogs, so why do you make such a big deal when we look at them? Have you ever thought, “My eyes are up here!”

    Not knowing when something’s wrong – Oh, we know when something is wrong… but refuse to play your game.. . you know the one, if you loved me you would not need to ask. BTW, why do you care if we know or not? Look at number one.. you ask why we need to fix everything.. You cant have it both ways.

    Thinking we know where your stuff is – Well, you continue to tell us how much better you are at seeing and remembering things, so does it hurt to ask? And when you don’t know.. it is a “YES” moment for us.

    Sex as a cure-all – Shopping as a cure-all.. need I say more?

    Your mother is a saint – Neither is your mother. Your mother might have taught you to LOOK before you sit.

    Scratching in public – Putting on makeup in public. BTW, women adjust in public too.

    Dirty clothes outside the hamper – Lingerie in the bathroom, over the shower rod, over the towel bar, soaking in the sink.

    Snoring – Women snore too. lots of women snore.

    Refusing to ask for directions – Self reliance, we do not need a group to pee, or ask directions.

    Video games – Magazines, self, body image, fashion, US, Them

    Piss poor aim – WOW… the pot calling the kettle black.. Does the word HOVER, sound familiar? Ask any custodian.. which is worse the men’s room or the woman’s? Not even close.

    Golf – Exercise, a walk with a purpose.

    Thinking you’re a better driver – Thinking? Knowing is the right term.

    An hour in the bathroom – 2 hours to get dressed..

    Farts – you can try to deny it.. but everyone farts.. same as everyone pees and poops.

    Your version of cooking – Take out is NOT just for men. However, most men I know would be happy with something simple. Steak and potato. That is cooking too.

    Your inability to multitask – Multitasking, another word for doing many things poorly at the same time.

    Sick babies – What? Have you ever really listened to yourself during “that time of the month?”

    Never admitting you’re wrong – are you serious… Men are always the one to give in and say, “you are right, or we will do it your way.” Ever watch an argument between 2 men, the are friends in no time.. however, an argument between 2 women can last for years, not only because they will not admit that they are wrong, but they always want the last word..

  9. Passo says:

    A fine example of blatant anti-male sexist writing masquerading as harmless common-knowledge folk wisdom. Bravo.

  10. lisa says:

    Yeah, gotta agree with the commenting herd here… This reduces men to sitcom dads. Seriously, my husband cooks, does laundry, takes excellent care of our daughter amongst many other things. Again, as I posted on another one of these, a. if you were trying to be funny, it didn’t succeed. and b. please for all that’s right and holy in the world, a slide show for pay-per-click ad revenue is demeaning.

  11. Larry Monton says:

    Multi-tasking? You have got to be kidding right. At my place of employement females can barely handle one task at a time, if you assign them more than one simple thing to do at once they walk around saying, “it does not compute, it does not compute.” Well ok they really do not say that but once they are given multiple tasks to do at the same time, they can barely get the first thing done. Majority of females have an extremely hard time at comprehending what is priority and what is secondary.

  12. Coquette says:

    Here’s another one, Ladies. You know how we women are always multi-tasking, well, the only way a man multi-tasks is to take a newspaper in the bathroom with him. lol

  13. Peter says:

    It’s so great to see that the Commenters are much smarter then the “blogger”.
    This blog is by and for Idiots. Yes, blogger you are an idiot who deserves whatever pathetic man will have you. Babble, this is the first and last visit.

  14. John Hillman says:

    Snoring is not “optional” for men. It is a sign of possible sleep apnea due to airway obstruction. Not “understanding” is hypocritical.

    The author is a true misandrist.

  15. Gregory says:

    I came upon this on accident and I’m glad I did. For one, whoever made this slideshow is a freaking idiot for even thinking that all men are like this. Secondly, all of the ladies who posted that they have experienced this, currently experiencing this or just simply laughed need to leave the bum you’re with and find a man that will actually do something.
    I, for one, work 12′s, clean, cook, do laundry, take care of my daughter, do yard work… Anything you can think of when it comes to progression, I do with no regret. I have seen women do the exact same thing as these pictures are blaming us for but you don’t see me making a pointless slideshow and being sexist. Get a grip…

  16. Lily Kay says:

    So some of these are pretty stereotypical but I’m sure this is meant to be funny, some of these are spot on. One thing that is SO true, spending up to an hour in the bathroom! Drives me CRAZY! What’s worse is after 20 min they start saying “I’m finishing up, be right out!” and continue saying it for an additional 20+ min.

  17. Pegapooh2000 says:

    I thought it was funny, but then again I think men not understand women is funny too, I think everyone just needs to lighten up a bit!!

  18. Sharon says:

    Wow! Some of you need to lighten up a bit! The article was tongue in cheek FGS! I laughed cos yes, my hubby does do some (not all) of those things and I still love him to bits. I’m sure there are a few stereotypically femal things I do which annoy him, too!

  19. Desiree says:

    My boyfriend does some of this too but am know used to it since i also have my moments too and he is understanding but i found this article amusing though.

  20. Stephanie says:

    Oh my. I think everyone needs to calm down. It was meant to be a humorous piece. My boyfriend things farts are hilarious but you don’t see him or I ranting and raving about that. This article, while I agree with whoever said there probably didn’t need to be a slideshow of pictures, didn’t warrant a dissertation on why each of those things was offensive and rude. Chill out.

  21. Sasha says:

    Wow! I’ve never seen such a group of negative and knee-jerk people…lighten up and learn to laugh…

  22. Rose says:

    I laughed at a few, mostly because I know a lot isn’t really true or is being twisted a little to sound like a bad thing. :)

    The part about driving, though… How does getting pulled over for speeding and then weeping all over a cop qualify you as a good driver? I mean, if that’s what I had to do to pass the test, it really would have been a breeze.

    “Ready to drive?”

    “… *sob* I-It’s not my fault, I just– I just– and he broke up with me and I’m having a really bad day and my dog died! Did you know my dog died? Oh I may as well give up on life now! What’s the point of living? My Gram-Gram is dead, my dog is dead, I’m left with cats and my freeloading brother! And then my favorite shirt was dirty, the one with the cute little ruffles up front and that sweet embroidery, and I had to wear the pink one instead! It’s just awful! So it’s not my faaaauuuult!”

    “You pass! Congratulations on your truly impressive skill. There is not a driver in all the world more excellent than you.”

    Not really a criticism, just pointing that out.

  23. jordan says:

    We are aware of most of these but we still do them to mess with you/piss you off.

    We piss on the seat so you have to clean it up.
    We scratch ourselves in public because the need to scratch is more important to us then what strangers think about us
    We don’t remember stupid details like baby names because who gives a fuck anyways.
    We feel we need to fix things because we know if we didn’t you sure as hell wouldn’t.
    We are better drivers than you. Its proven.
    We do multi-task. And the things we do are more difficult then cooking, cleaning, and bitching at the same time

    Leave it to a needy bitch to waste her time telling us stuff we already know and are aware of. The funny thing is, your just not worth changing for that is why we still do these things. The only reason we waste our time trying to act nice for a girl is when we want in her pants.

    I am sorry for this offensive comment but it had to be said. This bitch can’t get away with this

  24. carl says:

    A few easy ones…

    Not knowing something’s wrong? Uhhh you want us to GUESS…
    (And women are better communicators? By being angry till we guess?!!)

    Remembering shoe type is..important? Just the relevant facts ma’am.

    Sex as a cure all. And diamond purchases make sense? or chocolate?

    Combover=fat women in bikinis/optical illusion clothing feeling “empowered” and “you go girl” stuff. No you’re still fat and everyone knows.

    The boob thing. Uhh look at ANY cosmo cover. Kinda silly to devote so much time to showing something then acting surprised when someone looks doncha think?

    Hour in bathroom? Like someone else mentioned don’t go there-see hour to get ready for a casual date or grocery store. how about going to bathrooms in groups? Ever hear a guy go “hey joe lets go crap together, tee hee!”

    Farts, hygeine= tampon disposal. Ask any janitor…

    Admitting we’re wrong. Just say the only resolution to a argument with a woman is….to no matter what admit she’s right. And thats the fairness of “empowerment” HA!

  25. Ed says:

    For those women that constantly bring up the toilet seat gripe, as men we have to look where the seat is, are women so stupid they can not look before they sit down. Get Over The Power Trip. Sexist females or males have low self esteem. You are no better than us, just different.

  26. Carl says:

    There is emnity between the sexes…it is here to stay.

  27. RC says:

    I think the bottom line here is that YES, men and women are very different in many ways and instead of not being able to “understand” we should just learn to accept us for who we are and stop making fun of each other. I noticed that some of the “stereotypes” are nothing more than ignorance. As much as a woman might claim to know the male anatomy, an adult male’s urine stream will continue to become less of a stream and more of a spray as their prostates enlarge. I don’t have time to complain about the urine and blood left on toilet seats by women. These insecure women need just worry about themselves.

  28. Jennifer says:

    Sounds to me like the author has some daddy issues and a problem with communication. If you man does these things, talk to him about it and try to find a solution to the problem…together. Not all men are mindless, disgusting jerks, so stop generalizing and find a real man. And, BTW, “keeping score” of perceived injustices just causes a rift and makes you unhappy while he is, more than likely, blissfully unaware.

    P.S. The best way to get a man to improve his aim is to make him clean the toilet. If he has to clean the mess, he’ll be less likely to make it.
    Also, their urine doesn’t come out in a stream. Does yours? Didn’t think so.

  29. F. Seth Dudley says:

    Ok, commenting on the ‘piss poor aim’ assertion. Let’s try this: have your husband/boyfriend drink a few coffees or even better, a 6 pack of beer. Stand behind him, reach around, and YOU try aiming it. I’ve been doing it my whole life, and urinating in a perfectly straight arc is an acquired skill. The proceedure is fraught with unforseen circumstances (Did you just have sex? Better wipe off the curtains. First morning pee? Calculate trajectory for extra pressure).

  30. kat says:

    Really? Why so hostile people…it was meant to be funny and I thought it was hilarious!

  31. Huntan says:

    Thank you, “Mommyfriend” and all you other ladies who found this article hilarious, “so true”, amusing, etc. for reminding me to be thankful that I’m single.

  32. Claudia says:

    I am sorry to everyone I know that has a baby.I also won’t ask if it was a boy or girl, just if its okay and healthy. I do not remember if you had a boy or girl until its like 3 years old and I can tell. I also do not remember it’s name. It’s not that I do not care, I happy for you. I will remember your puppy or dog, but even though I love dogs I may not remember it’s sex.

    I guess I think like a man sometimes. No offense I just like dogs more.

  33. Claudia says:

    BTW, I do not expect you to remember all of my dogs names and sex either. I won’t be offended.

  34. mommyfriend says:

    Wow, so serious. Lighten up, friends. And thanks for reading!

  35. MissDisplaced says:

    Hey Walter, you forgot to explain the empty container in the fridge…
    Yes everybody farts, and no they are not funny.

  36. Marlene says:

    @ STACY your right we dont expect men to act like us but what we do expect is a REAL men. If they had the balls to get a girl pregnant they better have balls to face the responsibility

  37. Marlene says:

    @ED so how is it that women are stupid because we can’t see where we are seating? while you as men have to look where the seat is and still miss what you’re aiming at

  38. Do I Have To Give A name? says:

    I will hold a lot of things aginst a guy before I like anything this slideshow has said. I’m a female, but I’m agreeing with the guys. I don’t ever like to admit when I’m wrong. I don’t stop to aske for direstions. Some very sexist people wrote this. Must have just had a bad break up and wanted to diss men. Why do some of you think this is funny? Women are all “equal rights” and bull. Then we do this. Women want it better. We don’t consider the fact that men have feelings too. Sometimes it may seem like they don’t but keep in mind.. Men tend to hold feelings in. I do the same, I get it. People start making up BS for stuff they don’t get. Can the people making these “He doesn’t get/She doesn’t get” thimgs just stop it! I mean, I could have done much more productive things with my life in the time it took me to glance at some of those and writethis extremely long paragragh. People making them must not have ANY lives. P.S. video games are freaking awesome

  39. Ecnal says:

    I was finished with this article when you suggested that video games have (or ought to have) an age limit. Three hours at a wine tasting are no more productive than three hours interacting socially with people while stretching my brain with arithmetic calculations.

  40. Teri says:

    This is why men have a “Y” chromosone …..women have “XXX”…ha ha! So Y do men do what they do…???? There’s the reason. LMFAO!! (sorry, I forgot how to spell “chromosome”..)

  41. Victor says:

    I am happy I am not married to any of these woman who sat around the office conference room all hopped up on designer coffee and came up with this 25 things, have to be some of the most truly un-happy women around, life is not all a box of chocolates ladies, there is this thing called the real world, far from “reality” TV, gossip magazines and woman’s magazines. Sound like the men never asking for directions was thrown in there for nostalgia reasons to make a funny, guess that is what designer coffee does to those who need energy stimulation.

  42. casey says:

    “Men, we’re begging. Please help us understand.”

    Adjusting: It’s like you’re wearing a thong… sometimes it gets stuck in a weird place.

    Adjusting is a temporary respite, but the real solution is to take off the pants.

  43. G says:

    This article should be called “25 things men do that annoy women”. The current title implies that it will explain the reasons why men do all these things so that women may “understand”, but it doesn’t.

  44. Jeff says:

    It’s all about expectations. My wife expected me to not be a childish moron—as men are depicted in this article— since we met 19 years ago, and I have risen to meet those expectations (usually).

    My expectations are that she acts as a WIFE should. I could create a list as was done in the article, but I’ll keep it simple. If I am expected to be a good husband, I will be —- as long as she keeps the house clean and orderly, cooks a decent meal everytime time permits, doesn’t complain and whine about EVERYTHING the moment I walk in the door (Can you give a guy 10 minutes?), doesn’t bi&^% about money (unless she wants to put in overtime, too), and understands the difference between the need to just have sex and the special times and circumstances when sex is “making love”.

  45. JT says:

    I just about agree on all these and I am in my fifties. I don’t leave empty containers in the fridge, but I will leave one item in the container so my wife can have it : )

  46. Jay Bruce says:

    I agree with most of these, however I smell my shorts before I throw them in the hamper, and use them to blow my nose before I put them in the wash! Yeah, its gross, but have you ever seen a woman’s napkin after it is used? YIKES!

  47. Elvis is in the house says:

    I echo Walters comments…obviously the woman who wrote this is single and loves to be a whiny bitch (wait a minute – maybe THAT is why she is single – who would want to be married to this??) otherwise I DEFINITELY pity her man!!!!!

    On second thought….don’t think so…….she is single….

  48. Michael Spencer says:

    This should be titled “25 things [good] women are too stubborn to try to understand about men”
    A mostly pointless article (especially because some of these are not even common to most men), unless the point was just man bashing. Seems like the author has a hard time finding a good man. To me it says more about her than us.
    …of course you can’t understand why men don’t admit their wrong (bless your heart).
    …because being able to cry your way out of a ticket makes you a better driver (that’s why you got pulled over in the first place, right?)
    …trust me, the pee goes in the bowl…and splashes back out. Granted guys should have the courtesy to grab some TP and clean up the mess. You don’t understand our aim? Meet me on the basketball court (or the firing range).
    …yes, all we think about is sex, but at least that’s all we are thinking [and talking] about DURING sex.
    …btw, I know plenty of women who think farts are friggin hilarious.
    …and the boobs…we don’t expect you to understand that one (just play along;)

  49. PD says:

    You forgot #26: We don’t really give a damn that you struggle with 1-25.

  50. Aaron says:

    Whom ever wrote this has obviously been used by some guy and now hates all men, and most likely plays for the other team now. This list is more pointless than the stories women tell us about the gossip they heard at work, only I care less about this. I will never have those precious minutes of my life back, and am now dumber for having read that.

  51. Mike says:

    My god! Lots and LOTS of hostility on BOTH ends. Nobody’s perfect and both sexs should try to compliment each other (whether living together, dating, married, or whatever). No relationship is perfect and it takes lots of work on both ends. Good lord, folks, if we’re going to beat each other up, let’s AT LEAST use smaller bats.

  52. Wade Cardilini says:

    that was horrible and so stereotypical it makes me think the person who wrote this grew up in the 40′s

  53. Tim says:

    Women claim that “It’s a woman thing”. Why can’t women accept men for what we are…very simple creatures? Lead in to the items says that men’s problems can be solved with food, sports, and sex. That’s just it. Don’t assume that because you (women) are complicated that men are as well.

  54. Cyrus says:

    Fine I admit it, i stared and laughed at the booby kryptonite… >:G

  55. GnarlyBlue says:

    I’d much rather look at an a$$ kryptonite myself, but yeah — that’s something definitely a guy thing that many women may never understand, lol.. …we are just more… ….much more, visually stimulated than you women are, in general.

    – that’s just how we’re generally built, “men are from Mars” after all..

  56. Theodoris says:

    The writer of this article doesn’t deserve to understand men, let alone enjoy the company of one.

  57. Ann says:

    men are very complicated beings, you can never tell what is in their mind, they can be very funny at times and not reliable creatures, trust is the last thing you can get from them.

  58. Wheeler says:

    I just stumbled on this and find it soo time appropriate that I did. My lady just came upstairs and lit into me about something I was ‘supposed’ to do so she wouldn’t have to do it. Then she lit into me because she works 8-10 hour days, puts up with a whole bunch of crap at work and then feels she has to come home and ‘motivate’ me. Can’t understand why it’s always on her shoulders to do everything and why she should have to put up with both the incompetents at work (many of them are) and then have to come home to contend with me………… She wonders why I can’t just agree with her and do things her way. Why do I have to argue with her and not just do as I’m told……………. I’m so impractical at what I do, when I do it, how I do it, etc.


    Yep, it’s true, she IS extremely good at what she does. She’s highly respected as well, highly educated and usually fairly practical. She’s a fantastic cook, is thorough in most everything she does, has exceptional hygiene, loves kids and has been a damned good mother for the most part.


    She refuses to fill up her own car
    She can’t read a map
    She needs to be driven to her doctors appointment or feels rejected.
    She hates my family (particularly my brother who is a real ‘man’s man’)
    My brother is a retired Army Sgt. Major, Harley rider, Law Enforcement officer
    engineer, mechanic, woman magnet, beer drinker, gentleman, etc. She also
    can’t stand his kids (all are also achievers like him and his wife). His oldest
    boy is an Army Blackhawk pilot, married to a Blackhawk pilot. The have two
    great kids. His youngest son just returned from three years in Afghanistan.
    He’s married to a great lady too. My brother’s daughter has a Doctorate in
    Education and is successful.

    You get the picture?


    I can cook, sew, fix my own car or truck, ride bikes, horses, build a house, repair a broken chair, wash clothes. I’ve made shoes, and other leather items, can plow fields, am a ‘Master Gardener’, and can shoot hickory nuts off a tree. I’m a retired Marine Corps 1st Sgt, retired Sheriff’s Deputy, and a 90% disabled combat vet. Despite the disability, I can still outrun/ out shoot and outfight my 28 year old military veteran son who also just returned from Afghanistan.

    I hit the pot when I pee, can change a diaper and get kids to fall asleep on my shoulder. I have ALL of my teeth, ALL of my own hair, weigh about as much as I did when I was twenty (175 lbs), shower twice a day, keep fit and even brush my teeth after each meal. I’m educated and read prolifically and dress quite nicely thank you.

    I make as much money at home as my lady does from working her 8-10 hour days and that equals a whole bunch of money between us.

    So, is it too much to expect a little intimacy from time to time?? Is twice a week too much?? Is once a week too much? Once a month? Once a year? How about no desire for intimacy from her in the last 8 years because she just wants to ‘age gracefully’.

    Should I really be expected to stay ‘faithful……….and frustrated?

    How about laughing once and awhile and losing the constant criticism of just about everything? I’m not at fault for your bitterness nor is any many responsibile for any woman’s hostility. You make your own misery.

  59. limeginger says:

    this is so lame and untrue….I’m not indignant but just hoping men don’t believe this….have no idea why someone would have written this…super stupid. Is this author a man trying to pretend to be a bitter woman? or what’s going on here?

  60. Roland says:

    Hey, the world is changing. These things don’t apply to me and I can’t relate. I am a 50 yo male, heterosexual, nurse. I clean the house, do the dishes, I cook, do childcare, help the kids with schoolwork, show compassion. I will ask for directions. I don’t watch sports. I shed tears during some movies. I have good aim as far as the toilet goes. I do outdoor chores as well, mow the lawn, do plumbing, fix things like the car. I don’t like video games. I don’t play golf. My family always comes first. And I have male friends very similar to me. If you don’t see this, than you just live in an alternative universe of your own making and you choose to see the world the way you want.

  61. Michael says:

    1) To us, stressing over a problem is only worth it if it can be fixed. Otherwise it’s just, well… extra stress. If you want your man to just listen, ask him to.
    2) We could say the same thing. When the car breaks down and we tell you we need the 11/32 inch socket, 3/8 inch drive, from a hardware store, and instead she remembers that a purse she wants is on sale. Really the ‘selective’ paying attention to details goes both ways, and is not something to turn into ‘man-hate’ material.
    3) Sometimes when you live with a loud noise in your house regularly, you get used to it and your mind blocks it out, when you are otherwise compromised (sleepy). This is actually something that is proven to happen in both men and women.
    4) I am sure if you were going bald, you’d do something equally ridiculous to cover it up.
    5) They’re just stomach muscles. Your dad has them too. That’s just a buttocks. Your dad has one too.
    6) Men are direct, and don’t beat around the bush. If something’s wrong, tell us when you’re ready to. Being passive aggressive will make nothing better and everything worse.
    7) Whenever two people live together, their stuff mixes inevitably. Even with two men living as college roomies, or two women sharing an apartment, stuff gets mixed up. We ask because maybe you’ve seen it. If not, say no. That’s all there is to it.
    8) It’s not about a cure-all, it’s about ‘my life sucks, but at least I can enjoy this close moment with the woman I love amidst it all’.
    9) I am sure would want your son to have the same respect and admiration for you. Perhaps you think his mother could have done a better job teaching him to act around you, but is respecting a woman really that bad?
    10) This one, I will give, is kinda stupid on man’s part. But that being said, I don’t know many men guilty of it.
    11) There are LOTS of little things you do that we kinda find disgusting too. But we don’t complain to you about it.
    12) Another one I will give that is kinda stupid on man’s part. This is a bad habit many men get while they are single, that you just gotta be patient with us in helping us break. I am sure you have some of these such habits too.
    13) Snoring is often a symptom of stress. Chances are we desperately need that sleep. But if snoring is blocking your sleep, just ask him to use one of those breathing strips they sell for it at any grocery store.
    14) The best way I can think to describe this is like when you are playing trivia, and you feel you have the right answer right on the tip of your tongue, and you don’t want anyone else to blurt it out. You feel like the way you need to go is right there, in front of you. And you can get it with just a moment of though. But, after the second or third wrong turn, by all means it’s fair for the lady to put her foot down on this one.
    15) Saying video games are only for kids and teens is like saying parties are only for little kids’ birthdays, with clowns and colorful party hats. There are games (and parties) for all ages. Just because video games aren’t your cuppa tea doesn’t mean you have to write it off as immature.
    16) Actually, sometimes it is set to spray.
    17) Scrapbooking: a bunch of paper and pictures. Mmmkay? I was doing that in elementary school. Same as number 16, just because you don’t like a hobby doesn’t mean you should be so quick to critique it.
    18) Actually, for me personally the most aggressive drivers I know are women. This has less to do with gender than it does the individual’s personality.
    19) Men have often said the same thing about women in the powder room. I think it’s pretty well established by now that ‘doing your business’ is not the only thing that happens in the bathroom. Unless you need to use the bathroom, neither us nor you need to make an issue of this.
    20) Much of humor is making light of otherwise off color or heavy subjects. Watch any stand-up comedian to see an example.
    21) I occasionally fork out money for pizza or chinese food when I have a stressful day and don’t want to cook. How is that any different than you shopping when you are stressed?
    22) We balance the exact same things you do. Work, family, recreation, etc. Some men can ‘sorta’ multitask, but most women will find they are much better at it. In the end, though, we still get everything done that we need to, in a timely fashion. Even if it’s not all at the same time.
    23) Nine times out of ten when a man is sick he goes to work, ignores his symptoms, and goes through his day anyway. In that tenth time, whatever ails us really is strong enough to knock us cold and turn us into man-babies. Otherwise we’d not want to bother you with it.
    24) We admit we’re wrong when we’ve been convinced that we are. If we’re obviously digging ourselves in a hole, then calm down and approach it again later. Believe me, women do this too.
    25) Usually, it’s because the dishwasher or sink is full. This one, like the laundry out of the hamper is a bad habit single men get that ladies gotta be patient with, and call us on.

  62. Lizi says:

    I though I was the only women with a problem husband. Now I know better.

  63. Miggy says:

    More than half of this probably is true but my father does cook, clean, asks for directions,ect. To be honest it’s mainly women who can’t say they’re wrong because all my friends fight with my unless i say they’re right and my mom does the same thing. However, this actually was funny

  64. Angela Eastwood says:

    O-O-o funny. True (everyone I know, mostly) The ones that are not that way perhaps we will meet in our next lives.

  65. littlechristel says:

    Unduly hostile comments? You would have to remove everything posted… What a hostile audience. You quoted an MSN living article correct? It is called, “generalizing” and it is intended to be “mildly amusing” with a few, “hee, hee, I’ve seen that one perhaps once or twice within partnerships”. It’s not some collegate closed study over a 20 year span with spread sheets and MRI images of the brain! Fellas….; Ladies….; (or what ever you identify yourselves by) you are entirely to serious of a crowd!

    1. fedup says:

      The reason so many people have a problem with this is if men did a similar post about women they would immediately be called sexist. For there to be true equality one side can’t get away with sexist comments while the other side is demonized.

  66. Tony says:

    This is the most sexist female generalization of a man. This is written by a hypocrite who is full of herself, who thinks that she knows men. Please learn history, anatomy, statistics, some psychology and stop writing this nonsense. You write not from your knowledge but from your ignorance. Do not stereotype. Your own experience (or lack of it) does not apply to all men. The traits that you described are not gender specific except for peeing. Learn man’s anatomy (4 stages: spray, stream, spray & drip) and ask your man to clean up after himself.

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  72. "Male chauvinist pig" says:

    Christ, what a sexist blog.

    How about showing men some respect…you know, like you demand for yourselves, ladies.

  73. Bryan says:

    It’s obvious that ‘Mommyfriend’ still harbors resentment towards daddy for not buying her that pony! The poor shmuck you live with has MY sympathy!

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  75. grateful wife says:

    I would like to thank my husband for:

    1. Being a good cook and cooking whenever I ask, even though you’re finishing a college degree full-time while working full-time. (I try not to ask unless I really need help!)
    2. Trying to “fix it” because I know that is just your way of saying you love me and want me happy. I can call my sister for a “listening ear!”
    3. You agreed to try harder not to rubberneck at women on the street while driving, since you almost got us in an accident that one time. (Yes, I know you still do it but at least you try harder not to. And I know that ho ain’t going home with you tonight, I am!)
    4. You helped me find some video games that *I* like to play, so we can play together.
    5. Extra thanks for being my provider, protector and ultimately always having my back.

    I will take your pee dribbles, tiny dirty laundry piles, and lack of ability to multi-task in exchange for your taking my PMS, incessant talking and OCD when it comes to cleaning.

  76. mike says:

    Nothing but ignorant, sexist generalizations from some self-righteous hypocrite who clearly has an ax to grind with men in general. Why don`t you actually do a little research before subjecting humanity to tihs nonsense. There are so many ways to rebuke this entire list I don`

  77. Claire says:

    I found this to be hilarious! LOL! This has got to be a bad joke!

  78. Nelson Varela says:

    # 26 Why men only have one night stands with liberal women and after all the fun, they marry conservative women!

  79. Chris Ryder says:

    I like this article, it’s funny. Here’s my view, perhaps you should hold off marrying this man. If your plan is to complain about everything you don’t like about him then maybe, just maybe you should go elsewhere. This plan will prevent you from driving him and yourself crazy with all of your whining all the while avoiding the impending divorce. If you’re just dating then beat feet. You’re never going to find someone who is without flaw and if you can’t live with it then move on. Your flaw is the need to point out all of these inadequacies. No one has chained you or any other women to the man you/she is currently with. There’s the door.

  80. DAVID B. WALKER says:



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  83. Magenta says:

    And women stay with jerks like these because… ?

  84. Alex says:

    Give a cat lady a laptop and this is what you get.

  85. Cricket says:

    While I think most of the post is pretty dumb, I will take a small amount of issue with the “can’t help snoring” thing. I’ve known a fair number of women whose health was damaged (mine among them) from sleep deprivation, because their mate would not do anything about the sleep apnea. When we finally had a place where I could sleep in another room, it was great, but I’ve known women whose husbands guilted them into staying in the same bed, and it played hob with their health (along with their mate’s, of course).

    Snoring isn’t someones fault, as long as they’re maintaining a healthy weight, not drinking to excess or smoking… and not a sin unless they refuse to treat it, and/or get nasty if you try to sleep somewhere else. I personally would not stay with someone like that (male or female), but I’m more hard-core than most.

  86. Lawrence says:

    Where are the rest of the 25 things women will never understand about men?

    I need help.

  87. AW says:

    Most of the women out there nowadays are so very ignorant to begin with.

  88. jason morgan says:

    yes, our mom’s do have boobs. thanks to equating hers with yours. now i’m not attracted to yours anymore. bummer…
    and oh yes, when i (was) attracted to your boobs, it was in part because you wore low plunging, cleavage enhancing, bra strap showing, see through blouses that drew my attention to them. you women…
    always wanting it both ways…

  89. Joe says:

    This was obviously written by a woman

  90. Insidious_Sid says:

    That’s actually a pretty good list! :P

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