25 Totally Awkward Family Photos: Summer Vacation Edition! (Photos)

Oh So Awkward

It’s summer vacation time. Time to have some fun in the sun, frolic with the family, and to take lots and lots of photos. And while you probably would love to have all the pics you take to be mantel worthy masterpieces,  there will always be one or two (or three) that are kind of awkward. And then there are those family vacation photos (hopefully not your own) that aren’t just ‘kinda’ awkward but totally and completely awkward.

The uber-popular site Awkward Family Photos has a huge collection of those uncomfortable and unnerving moments that have been caught on film throughout the years. And here, for you viewing pleasure, are 25 of them – the summer vacation edition!

Which is your favorite?

  • Toilet Time in the Great Outoors 1 of 25
    Toilet Time in the Great Outoors
  • Watch Out! It’s Gonna Be a Bumpy Ride 2 of 25
    Watch Out! It's Gonna Be a Bumpy Ride
  • Poor Kid… 3 of 25
    Poor Kid...
  • Fun at the Lake…with Aligators. 4 of 25
    Fun at the Lake...with Aligators.
  • The X-Rated Safari 5 of 25
    The X-Rated Safari
  • The Family That Burns Together – Stays Together 6 of 25
    The Family That Burns Together - Stays Together
  • Don’t Fall! 7 of 25
    Don't Fall!
  • Attack of the Birds. 8 of 25
    Attack of the Birds.
  • Happiest Place on Earth? That’s Questionable. 9 of 25
    Happiest Place on Earth? That's Questionable.
  • Smile, Smirk and Sneer. 10 of 25
    Smile, Smirk and Sneer.
  • Family Fun…with Bikers! 11 of 25
    Family Fun...with Bikers!
  • Oh Dad…You So Crazy. 12 of 25
    Oh Dad...You So Crazy.
  • Yes, Sitting Can Be Dangerous. 13 of 25
    Yes, Sitting Can Be Dangerous.
  • You Can Just Feel the Excitement 14 of 25
    You Can Just Feel the Excitement
  • When Bears Attack 15 of 25
    When Bears Attack
  • This Family – They’re Going Places 16 of 25
    This Family - They're Going Places
  • Straddle Magic 17 of 25
    Straddle Magic
  • Now That’s A Vacation 18 of 25
    Now That's A Vacation
  • Daddy & Me Matching Outfits 19 of 25
    Daddy & Me Matching Outfits
  • Watch That Baby! 20 of 25
    Watch That Baby!
  • The Slump 21 of 25
    The Slump
  • Ahhh Yeahhhh 22 of 25
    Ahhh Yeahhhh
  • Family Hunting TIme 23 of 25
    Family Hunting TIme
  • Family or White Robe Cult? 24 of 25
    Family or White Robe Cult?
  • Now That’s a Photo Op 25 of 25
    Now That's a Photo Op

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