$3.36 Won't Send Brandon Jacobs Back to the NY Giants, But You Gotta Love a 6-Year-Old for Trying

Brandon Jacobs letter
It can't hurt to ask

You hear all about professional athletes and their multimillion dollar contracts and sometimes you forget that while it’s a business to them, to some of their fans, these teams and the players means much more.

A 6-year-old New York Giants fan named Joe was crushed when running back Brandon Jacobs jumped ship to the San Francisco 49ers earlier this year.

“The Giants didn’t have enough money to keep him,” the little boy’s mom explained to him.

So the kid emptied his piggy bank — to the tune of $3.36 — and sent it to Jacobs in a sandwich baggie, along with a note.

“Dear Brandon Jacobs, So you could go to the Giants, here is my money. Love, Joe”

It’s probably not what Jacobs was looking for to make a move back to the Giants, but he was moved nonetheless.

I almost cried, I am still trying to hold it in. I may have to pay him a surprise visit,” he Tweeted.

Here’s the note in full (which the boy’s mom helped write):

Brandon Jacobs letter
A dime ain't worth a nickel anymore

Source: Yahoo Sports

Photo credit: Twitter

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