3-Year-Old Cries Because He Can't Govern N.J. [VIDEO]

david after dentist, jesse governor of new jersey
David After Dentist ... there's a new backseat philosopher in town.

David After the Dentist? Meet Jesse. He’s the newest backseat philosopher in Internet Town.

Three-year-old Jesse is upset and crying about his lack of political participation. You see, he feels ready to be the governor of New Jersey. But the fact that he’s “too small” to do it? That’s got him in tears. Video after jump

According to YouTube [via NYMag], the video of Jesse’s coming to terms with age limits for state leaders won his family $10,000 on America’s Funniest Home Videos recently. (Who knew that show was still on?)

His brother gets in on the action — though he takes a more mocking approach to the whole affair.

Jesse and David (once the meds wear off) should really try to hook up with these guys. They’ll set everyone straight!

Video: YouTube