3-Year-Old Gives Dave Grohl a Drum for His Money (VIDEO)

How to wake up a kid
He drums in his sleep better than almost anyone does awake

There will never be another Nirvana. But this kid could have stepped in as a sub for Dave Grohl at any time. You know, if he’d been alive in the early 90s.

You have to watch this video of a 3-year-old boy snoozing in the back seat of a car who is awoken by the dulcet sounds of Nirvana, but not before he starts air drumming in his sleep. The kid can really rock.

But first try to ignore the seatbelt that is snaked ominously around the kid’s neck and just focus on his hands. He has a real future in rocking out.

Source: Cafe Mom

Photo & video credit: YouTube

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