3-Year-Old Stares Down Lion and Laughs About It (Video)

sophia walker, lion, new zealand zoo
Sophia the Lion Tamer!

Okay, the video you’re about to see is amazing for several reasons. First, 3-year-old Sophia Walker stares down a lion at a New Zealand zoo through just a few inches of glass, and when the lion basically tries to maul her, she just laughs it off. That’s either #swag, #idiocy or both. Toddlerhood is filled with foolish bravado – that’s why it’s so entertaining to watch!

The second brilliant thing about this clip is the commentary the newscasters give at the end of the zoo footage. The male newscaster says, “I would have run like a little girl and like wetted myself.” The female newscaster quickly quips in return, “Why wouldn’t you run like a little boy? Do you have to go gender difference on us? I’ll give you my heels to run away.” HA!

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