3-Year-Old Stumbles Onto Hand Grenade During Easter Egg Hunt

Easter basket
One preschooler got a fiery surprise on an Easter egg hunt

Some Easter egg hunts are more exciting than others. Like the one in Colorado last year that was so violently exciting that it was canceled this year.

Then there was the one in England that yielded a really big surprise. Like, an explosive surprise. A preschool group near Holford, Somerset, was counting up their eggs at the end of an Easter egg hunt this past weekend when a teacher noticed a 3-year-old student holding what looked to be a brown egg.

Except it wasn’t an egg. It was a grenade, according to Fox News.

The area where the grenade was found was sealed off and the bomb squad was called in to destroy the bomb in a controlled explosion.

The grenade, which one of the kids thought was a rock and was standing on it, is believed to have been a relic from World War II.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever found on an Easter egg hunt?

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