3-year-old Walks Tightrope Over Tigers


untitled1American kids are often over scheduled, pushed on by parents driven by a fear that they won’t be able to succeed in today’s competitive world.

But all those after school dance classes and music lessons have nothing on what this three-year-old Chinese girl has to put up with.  Watch as the brave little tot walks a tightrope over a den of hungry tigers … and then falls:

Zhang Xiaoyan, of the Jiangxi Elite Children Arts Troupe, was doing just fine until a strong gust of wind threw off her balance. There she dangled nearly 30 feet in the air over a den of hungry tigers licking their lips, with her father below expressing his disappointment in her performance. “She walked almost 60 metres yesterday when we did the training. She didn’t do so well today.”

Zhang has been tightrope walking since she was one, and is thought to be the youngest tightrope walker in the world. So, jeez, DAD. Cut her some slack.

Not that you’d send them to the tigers, but if your kids had a special talent, how hard would you push them?

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