'32 and Pregnant': The Show We All Secretly Wish Existed (Video)


The final season of the original cast of teen moms from the hit show “16 and Pregnant” is currently airing on MTV. Are you watching? I have to admit, despite the fact that I am now well into my twenties, I still haven’t completely given up the television channel that was such a huge part of my adolescence.

I like to tell myself I’m watching it because there’s just nothing else on in the middle of the night when I stumble across a “Teen Mom” marathon, but a quick scroll through my DVR would prove it’s also pre-meditated.

Maybe it’s a little pathetic that as a grown woman with children of my own I’m still watching a show centered around teenage drama, but what’s a girl that loves a good pregnancy show but isn’t into the cheesy vibe of TLC’s “A Baby Story” to do?

Here’s an idea. Today I stumbled across a parody of MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” created by Punch media that is scarily close to reality.  It’s called “32 and Pregnant” and I hope there is a producer out there right now attempting to turn this spoof into a show coming soon to my DVR.

Check out the video:



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