331,038 Xmas Lights: Family Sets World's Record for Most Christmas Lights


We all have dreams. Perhaps you want to go to Galapagos Islands, maybe you strive to have your eldest excepted at Brown, or maybe you have a quest to break the record for the most Christmas light decorations by covering your house with 331,038 Xmas lights.  If your yens lean more towards the last one, then you will have to meet David and Janean Richards, since their Christmas light dreams with world record domination actually came to fruition…

According to The Huffington Post, the couple reside in Forest Act, Australia which is a suburb of Canberra which you may not be able to spot on a map, but with that many lights you might just be able to spot it from outer space.

The couple set the record which is new for the “Most Christmas Lights on a Residential Property.” The reason he did it? For the children, ‘natch!

“I did it for my kids, initially, and then it just got bigger and bigger,” Richards told the Canberra Times. ”I remember one year a mother and child came through the driveway thinking no one was around and they started dancing to the music. It’s all about putting a smile on people’s faces.”

What was involved in this bright display? Apparently it involved, “hundreds of hours of work, 97,211 feet of LED strings, 15,000 cable ties and a 59-foot light-controlled tree.” Yeah, that’s a lot of light but, ”it’s not just Christmas lights,” Richards said. “It goes in colors and waves up and down the driveway, it changes color and the tree spins.” There was a man who had reportedly put a millions lights on his home once in Croatia, but he did not apply for World’s Record status.

One nice thing,  Richards didn’t do this endeavor as just a selfish shining act. They used it as a charitable event raising money for the organization SIDS and Kids (ACT).

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