4-Year-Old British Girl Offers Advice To Baby Brother: Video Goes Viral

4-Year-Old British Girl Offers Advice To Baby Brother: Video Goes Viral via Babble
Cute or demanding? I say cute.

Sometimes you just gotta toughen up…even at age two.

In the latest video to go viral online, a 4-year-old Delilah O’Donoghue from Balsall Common, England offers her words of wisdom to her stoic two-year-old brother, Gabriel.

Among other things she advises him to listen to their parents and be careful when thinking about fighting with an older boy:

 “You’re not old enough for that boy to … do a fight. That boy’s older than you. Maybe he’s 9 or 10 … or maybe 8. Think about it, Gabriel. Think about it.”

It’s pretty adorable if you ask me but some commenters on YouTube don’t particularly like the way the girl gives her advice and thinks she’s demanding, even overbearing. Of course, the Internet always manages to bring out the worst in people. The video shows a little girl showing her genuine concern for her baby brother, that’s all and it’s adorable.

So far, the video, which has been up only a week, has garnished nearly two million hits.

Image: YouTube

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