4-Year-Old's Christmas Dreams Come True! Gets Dual-Flush Toilet

This 4-Year-Old Got His X-mas Wish

Kids want a wide variety of items for Christmas. Some want a brand new dolly, others want a X-Box Kinect System, and others may want a really soft teddy bear. But not four-year-old Dustin Kruse. What did this Wisconsin pre-schooler want from Santa? He wanted a toilet. But not just any toilet…

He wanted the “full-flush, half-flush” model from Kohler. And guess what? Young Dustin got his wish, from Kohler themselves.

Yes, the fixture company gifted the young boy his own Persuade Dual Flush toilet as an early Christmas present. They surprised the boy with the delivery of the toilet that had a big red bow on the box. How did they know he wanted one? According to Consumer Reports, the young boy was taken to the Kohler Design Center when he was three, he was enamored by the toilets on display and on the way home said to his mom, “For Christmas, I’m asking Santa for a full-flush half-flush toilet.” His mom was delighted with the story and sent a letter to Kohler about this wish. With this gift he had his “dreams come true.”  He added that, “Everybody should have a toilet like that because it conserves water,” Dustin said. Plus it’s quite a good marketing message for Kohler ain’t it?

Has your kid ever wanted something so practical for Christmas?

Photo: Via YouTube


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