4-Year-Old Reenacts Maurica Love Match Video. Why Do We Love Seeing Kids Act Grown-Up?

maurica, maurica love match
Baby Maurica

If the Internet has proven one thing (besides the fact that cats > everything else that exists), it’s that parents think it’s hilarious to put their kids in adult situations.  We love to take pictures of our pre-schoolers dressed up as adults, we put beer bottles next to sleeping babies as if they’re passed-out drunk and photograph ourselves holding our babies with unlit cigarettes in our mouths.  I’ve done at least three of those three things, so I get it.  Some people even let their babies suck on a bong!  (I mean, WHY NOT?)

So I can’t say I was entirely shocked when I came across this video of a 4-year-old girl pretending to be Maurica, a hilarious and ribald character created by my friend Yannis Pappas, whose “Love Match: Maurica I” video has gone viral with over 1 million views.  If you’re at all squeamish, you might find the Maurica video offensive (it’s not safe for work), but if you have a bawdy sense of humor and you live in New York City, I guarantee that you’ll die laughing because it’s so funny.  It’s the kind of video you want to watch multiple times, which is obviously what mini-Maurica’s mom has done.  In the description for the Baby Maurica video (below), Baby Maurica’s mom writes, “My 4yr Old as Maurica…she has never watched the full videos but has heard many of the lines…Especially Dassss it!”

You can appreciate Maurica Love Match Baby without having seen the original, but it’s even funnier if you’ve seen both.

So what do you think?  Why are we so entertained by watching our kids in all of these grown-up scenarios, and which ones go too far?

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