4-Year-Olds Life Saved by Salted Pork Being Shoved Up Her Nose … Really!

Salted Pork Saves Little Girl's Life

In our medically advanced culture with all its high-tech gear, machines, doo-dads and thingamajigs, it’s refreshing when you hear stories like this one.

The doctors at the Detroit Medical Center saved a 4-year-old girl’s life in a very inexpensive and lo-fi way. They saved her life by shoving salted pork up her nose.

Now, you may be wondering how a cured meat product up one’s nostrils would be a life-saver …

Here’s what happened. This particular 4-year-old girl had a rare bleeding disorder and had been in intensive care for five days after she was struck with a nosebleed. The surgeons at the hospital were unable to stop the blood loss. The girl had operations, underwent regular blood transfusions and was on a ventilator. Their next step was a risky procedure that could’ve left her blind or caused her body to attack her own cells. But then, miraculously, a very simple cure was tried … and it worked.

One of the doctors — who had served in the military — had recalled a tip from the field that in case of a nosebleed, you put salted pork in one’s nose to stop the bleeding. This was apparently a common practice up until the 1940s, when ‘modern’ advances took over. The doctors at the Detroit Medical Center opted to try this last ditch effort and obtained salted pork from a local supermarket, cut it into thin strips and packed into the girl’s nostrils. And the bleeding stopped.

How does the cured cure work? Apparently, the heavy salt content in the pork causes the nose to swell, which cuts off the bleeding. In addition, there may be some sort of element in the pork that aids in healing as well. But doctors warn not to use this to cure your regular everyday nosebleed, since there is a risk of infection.

Do you embrace any old-school cures for what ails you?

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