Jon and Kate Meltdown: Shut up for Your Kids' Sake!


The slow motion train wreck that is a dissolving marriage is never pretty to watch, but you put that stuff on TV and rubbernecking is irresistible. It seemed the TLC show Jon and Kate Plus Eight was merely a moderate hit, maybe pulling in a few million viewers. Now that their plus sized family has hit the marital rocks, however, you see Jon and Kate plastered all over the entire grocery checkout stand. There’s not a magazine out right now without a pic of Kate’s “revenge beach bod” or a hangdog Jon Gosslin bemoaning “Enough is Enough.”

Indeed, Jon, maybe enough is enough.

After all, we’re talking about a family whose destruction has become a spectator sport. Are we consumers done rubber necking this disaster? TLC certainly isn’t done milking it; Jon and Kate’s season premiere opened to big numbers for the modest show. Jon and Kate may be bankrupt relationship-wise, but they’re raking in the dough.

When does it stop being entertainment and become reality? I don’t mean “realty show” realty, I mean real reality. The real reality eight kids face as they parents very publicly break up.

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