5 Awesome Old School Kid's Clips!


I spend way too much time on YouTube. It’s totally addictive. I’ll go to the site to look for one 2-minute clip and the next thing I know, I’ve dwindled away hours upon hours of searching for amusing, obscure and entertaining tidbits. Yeah, a total time suck.

One of my most recent searches? Old school kid TV clips. What set it off? Being sent a link to above Mahnahmahnah video (from The Muppet Show). I got hit by the nostalgia stick…hard. Here are five totally awesome kids TV clips for your enjoyment…and to save you from having to search for them yourself and then being sucked into the YouTube vortex with me.

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Schoolhouse Rock – Three is a Magic Number
Those of you who didn’t grow up with Schoolhouse Rock might remember De La Soul’s hip-hop mash up of the song.  At the end, during the reciting of the line “a man and a woman had a little babyyyyyy – they had threeeeee in the family and three is a magic number.”, I kid you not, I totally teared up.

Ladybug Picnic
Ladybugs, knock knock jokes, marshmallow roasts…sounds like a perfect day.

The Muppet Show – Ode To Joy
Beaker’s ode to a classic.  Poor poor Beaker…

The Banana Splits
Totaly wackiness. It makes you ponder how this show existed in the first place.