5 Best Maurice Sendak Books: Musts for the Family

The Maurice Sendak Exhibit
Maurice Sendak

There were many things I could not wait to share with my daughter. My favorite films, my favorite foods, my favorite places and of course the works of Maurice Sendak.

Many a parent rush out to buy their most beloved Maurice Sendak book to share and read to their little one, even before their baby is even born. It’s just one of those things that moms and dads adore and hope their kids will too. And although most of us pick up one or two of his most popular works (you know what those are), there are plenty of works to include on the shelves of your child’s bookcase.

Here are 5 of the best Maurice Sendak (written and illustrated) books, musts for the family.

5. Chicken Soup with Rice


3. Outside Over There

2 – In the Night Kitchen

1- Where the Wild Things Are

Any other Sendak favorites you’d include?

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