5 Doctors Charged After Loss of "Miracle Baby" in Mexico


Remember the bizarre tale of the baby in Mexico who was found to be alive at her own funeral?  In a cruel twist of fate for her devastated parents, she later died in another hospital.  Now, Mexican officials have charged the doctor who made the mistake that cost the baby her life with homicide.

According to the AP, Dr. Jenny Gijon faces not only homicide, but abuse and misconduct charges.  Because, in yet another surprising twist to this story, Gijon was not supposed to have been on call the day the baby was born.  She’d been paid by another doctor, Dario Davila, to cover his shifts at the hospital in Tulancingo. 

Davila, along with three higher-ups at the state-run facility, will be prosecuted for abuse of authority and misconduct.

So was Gijon overworked, overtired or just over it?  The AP notes that, “Doctors in Mexico often receive more money from private practice, but sometimes also keep themselves on the payrolls of state-run hospitals.”  Perhaps Gijon wasn’t paying careful enough attention because she felt as though she wasn’t making enough money off these poor people?  I don’t know.  But my heart goes out once again to these parents, who have now lived through a miracle and a tragedy.

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