5 Most Intense Videos of the Earthquake & Tsunami - An Education in Natural Diasters


Nothing is scarier than a natural disaster. They can strike anywhere, anytime with little or no warning. The thing about natural disasters is, they are completely out of your control. But thing we can control, is to teach our children how to be prepared if and when something hits their community.

Now, these videos may be scary for most children, but if your kids are old enough, it can be an education in what can happen in a disaster. As much are we, as parents, would like to have nothing bad happen in this world of ours, they will. And one gift we can give to our offspring is to teach not only about the good in this world, but also the bad so that they are prepared as much as they can be.

Here are five of the most poignant and intense videos from the Japan earthquake and tsunmai.

Tsunami Waves crashing ashore Japan

Moment the Earthquake Struck

Massive Whirlpool After Earthquake

Oil Refinery Explosion After Earthquake

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Cars on Fire after Quake

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