5 Types of Baby Names That Should Be Forbidden

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And will baby be happy with who you named him after?

Making the final decision in the baby name selection process is no piece of cake. It sometimes help to cross names off your list and then proceed by process of elimination. Ironically, HuffPo Parents recently came out with a list of forbidden baby names. Monikers, such as Lucifer and Adolf were naturally on the list, but those are no-brainers. I mean how many people are going to name their child after Satan?

What gets trickier are the names that don’t elicit any shock value except to you, your partner or certain family members. One person’s beloved name may be another’s nightmare because the names themselves aren’t the problem, it’s the  feelings the names conjure up that tend to cause discomfort.

With that in mind, I’ve come up with a list of types of names you should never consider naming your baby. Do not, if you want any peace in your relationship, consider naming your child after:

1. Old flames: I don’t think there is a husband or wife who would be okay with having their child named after your ex. And remember, they are an ex for a reason. I have an acquaintance who named her son after her ex of 5 years. The wedding plans were already set when he got cold feet and they broke up. Now, three years later she is married to another man and their son has her ex’s name. Strange? Um yeah, just a little.

2. The one that got away: Nearly the same as above but worse, because with an ex, at least the relationship ended. With the one that got away, there is still some yearning there. And that equals a recipe for disaster.

3. A dreadful in-law: Sure your husband may adore his mom or sister, but they may have made your life hell. Even putting their names in a consideration pile should be off limits. This should work vice versa for hubby, too.

4. A horrible boss or co-worker: Remember that evil, decepticon whose self-absorption was only matched by his sleaziness, or that narcissistic yet lazy co-worker whose name still makes you cringe? I don’t care how much you might love a name, if you or hubby have had any of these wince-worthy co-workers, then their names should be immediately fired from the list.

5. A sports figure one of you cannot stand: I’m guessing the name Eli isn’t going over big in New England any time soon. You get the idea.

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