5-Year-Old Girl Wants to Be the Next Seinfeld

little girl wants to be seinfeld, little girl needs job before getting married
The next Seinfeld?

Remember the 5-year-old girl who was vehement about the fact that she must have a job before she’d ever consider getting married? Well, it looks like she’s found her chosen career path: comedy. Oh boy!

In this video, the little sister of 11-year-old singer-songwriter and YouTube personality Anna Graceman, says she needs someone to transcribe Seinfeld’s jokes for her so she can practice them. In a George Costanza-esque frenzy, she cries, “Seinfeld! He does really good jokes! And I can’t do that much jokes because nobody laughs at me! And I need someone to tweet me!” Hilarious. Watch:


This video actually came out last February, soon after her original rant about marriage, but I didn’t see it until today. Thanks to Facebook shares, videos can go viral now months after they were originally posted. I wonder what this kid is up to today? Larry David should hire her for season 9 of Curb.


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