5-Year-Old Steals Family's Minivan For Midnight Quest for Candy

Kids Driving Cars?!  HELL YEAH!
The Candy Quest

Some children? They are inflicted with an uncontrollable lust for candy. Their want for sugary sweets can become overwhelming and lead them to do crazy things in order to get their fix, even risking life and limb.  An El Paso 5-year-old child is one of these kids with – what sounds like –  a dangerous candy problem. How bad is it?

The kindergarten aged boy was found at 1 a.m., he had been driving his mother’s minivan and had gotten into an accident – having driven the car into a pole. His destination? The store to pick up a candy bar.  He did pretty good for his age, he managed to drive about a mile and fortunately even after his collision with a utility pole no one was injured.

When the police came to the scene of the accident, the boy tried to flee but was caught by the cops and didn’t get away. After he was brought home his mom said that this event was no laughing matter but added that her son is a “little daredevil.”

Do kids’ temptations and lust for things like candy need to be controlled more or is this just another case of kids doing crazy things?

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