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50 Ugliest Baby Names According to Twitter Trend Topic #UglyBabyNames

By Sunny Chanel |

Sometimes beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And this doesn’t just go for things you experience by sight. It also goes for sounds and one thing people are very opinionated about are names, especially baby names.

Baby names are far easier to judge than an adult’s name since the newborn’s name is just so, well, new. And some names, they be fine for a 43 year-old lawyer (like Howard or Clarence) but not for a cute and cuddly infant. Then there are those grave yard names that have been almost completely retired and were not part of the old school name resurgence (like Bertha or Gertrude).

Oodles of Twitter users shared what they thought was the ugliest name in the Twitter Trending topic #uglybabynames. So what made the list? Check out 50 of them right here:








Blue ivy




















La-a (Ladasha)…the dash isn’t silent.























What do you think is the “ugliest” and are some you think shouldn’t be on the list?

Image: Mario Inoportuno Via Flickr


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84 thoughts on “50 Ugliest Baby Names According to Twitter Trend Topic #UglyBabyNames

  1. jennifer says:

    Well, I wouldn’t put it on a birth certificate for my offspring, but my next pet is definitely going to be named La-a. Classic.

  2. goddess says:

    Wow, “Alan” surprised me. I hadn’t put it in that category.

  3. Kate says:

    I love the name Alan. I keep putting it on our lists and my husband keeps rejecting it.

  4. Kerri says:

    Good grief! Alan, Cheryl, Edward,Phillip, Sally, Sue, Rosie are all nice names. How on earth did they get on this list?! There are far more ugly names out there. Like how about this one: Shithead. I kid you not. I have friends who told me they have relatives or students they taught with this name. It is a Middle Eastern name and it is pronounced- shi-thead.

  5. Holly says:

    La-a is an urban legend of racist origin.

  6. Peyton says:

    Phillip and Virginia?! Wow, that’s surprising.

  7. Angela says:

    My moms name is Gwen and I always thought it was nice. Eh, I guess I’m happy none of my three kids names are on there… I guess.

  8. Taylor says:

    I know two kids named La-a, and they’re not urban legends or racist.

  9. AJ says:

    “What about Bob?”. I see George and Barack aren’t on the list. Neither are Barney, Nancy, Mitt, or Ron. Sausagea? Not a real name according to any internet search I’ve done. Enoch however IS a real name and given to some poor S.O.B’s who, for today, have the pleasure of not being on this list.

  10. Genevieve says:

    Yeah I love Arthur, Phillip, virgirnia, Bernard ( Barry) but hate nevaeh etc, I guess it all depends on taste, a lot of those were not particularly ugly.

  11. CW says:

    How can an ugly names list include Rosie, Sally, and Virginia but not Agnes, Ethel, or Mildred?

  12. Feast on the Cheap says:

    Shocked that Billy and Rosie are on this. What?

  13. TM says:

    What about anything ending in -quasia? Jaquasia Daquasia Shaquaisia Quaquasia. I hate those names.

  14. Rachel says:

    FWIW, the name Cheryl has always sounded like a cleaning solvent to me. Despite this, I know and like many Cheryl’s. I’m not sure I’m buying the shithead story. I’m from a predominantly Arabic city and have spent numerous years studying Middle Eastern music and culture. I’ve never heard or seen that name.

  15. rosie says:

    My husband’s name is Chauncey! I think it’s a great name. I also like several other names on this list: Phillip, Arthur, Percy…clearly I have terrible taste.

  16. skelly says:

    Ditto to what Holly said. There used to be a viral joke going around about a kid named la-a, which was clearly overtly racist. At the time a website posted a piece on how no birth certificates in the states had ever been issued to a child by that name. Not calling Taylor a liar, the name may be used now, but the context most people have heard of it in is quite an ugly story.

  17. Lauren says:

    I work at a hospital in labor an delivery and I have heard of a parent who named her daughter la-a.

  18. Rachel says:

    But did you actually meet the child/parents, or did you hear of the child/parents, or personally see it on a hospital record? That seems to be the common thread with all of these sorts of names, like Lemonjello. It’s always “My friend who’s a teacher told me…” or “My sister went to school with…” It’s mostly people pulling your leg, like “You’re not going to believe how much I was charged (or my sister was charged, or my friend was charged) for this cookie recipe…”

  19. ashley says:

    theres A LOT on there that surprised me like alan, howard, phillip, sally…ect u know NORMAL names

  20. Diana says:

    What a way to promote bullying, only name I would find ugly is if the intent of the name by the person naming was ugly or out of spite. I have met a person named shi-thead it is not an urban legend and before seeing it in print thought it sounded pretty. I have also met people named sapena , salomi etc and in there country’s meant something totally different then what we define those names/words .

  21. elendy says:

    I think almost any name can be transformed by the person who wears it. Plus, some ‘ugly’ names can have lovely nicknames. I met a Gertrude on the playground once, but who was called Tru – how sweet!
    Plus, I have a neice whose name is Beverly (named after a grandparent) but has always been called Verleigh, which is quite elegant and beautiful (and she is a lovely girl, if I may say so myself :)

  22. emmie says:


  23. Angela says:

    Really? Edward, Alan, Billy…these are very common and not ugly names at all. Aida, Bertha, Morton..those are ugly.

  24. Lexi says:

    I like quite a few names on that list…

  25. Susie says:

    My youngest is named nevaeh.. Its a beautiful name

  26. Jennifer says:

    We named our daughter Gwenyth – Gwen for short. DEFINITELY not an ugly name by any means as compared with BERTHA, GERTRUDE, and many of those other names. Really???

  27. Amy says:

    I think Nevaeh is a beautiful heaven spelled backwards I have heard of way worst names than what you have listed also I think this is pretty dumb…

  28. Rosie Kraemer says:

    Rosie is not an ugly name!

  29. Ashley says:

    I named my daughter nevaeh and I think its not one bit ugly! I don’t think any name is. I may not choose to name my child some of them but I would never make fun of someone’s name choice.

  30. Mary says:

    Roflmao at the fact Blue Ivy is on the list.

  31. Marisa says:

    I know a girl who named her daughter “Lyrica”…that’s right, just like the prescription pain medication. -_-

  32. AnnieKate says:

    Worst name ever–and I still hve the paper to prove it-Ameriqueena Dariqueena. Nope not making this up.

  33. Kristin says:

    Alan? Edward? Phillip? Virginia? I have to disagree that any of these are ugly. “Edward” is a classic name and was going to be our middle name choice if we had a boy – after my husband’s dad and grandfather. And we strongly considered “Virginia” for a girl name as it’s also very vintage and classic. And I like to think I have pretty good taste in baby names – I named my daughter Vivian Faith.

    “Phillip” is also my dad’s name and, I believe, also fairly classic. And “Alan,” while not my cup of tea, is perfectly acceptable. I even like “Percy” for a little boy – it’s was my great-grandfather’s name and has a funky hipster vibe to it.

    You got these from a Twitter poll? Huh… people are weird.

  34. Kathryn says:

    How on earth is any name ugly. It’s a /name./ This is what assists you in your identity. You lot are absolutely terrible.

  35. Pamela Blair says:

    This whole thing is totally sick! Picking on babies now! People have a right to name they’re children what they want. Some names stem from families of elder love ones or maybe loved members who passed away. I’d like to know exactly who decided which names were ugly, they or them are ugly! Are they so pressed for something to write ab out that they had to go there! ITS SICK!

  36. Jessica says:

    I was at the mall one day and heard a mother calling for her daughter named “Latrine”. I think this one should absolutely be on the list!

  37. Shea says:

    Um, hello, do you think these Larry’s and Harold’s were born adults? At one time they were cute and cuddly babies too!

  38. Hello says:

    La-a is not an urban legend. Have a student with that name in Syr. NY!!!

  39. Surf Momma says:

    My kiddo and husband are named Alan – we love the name!

  40. Rea says:

    I have seen a trend with the name: ABCDE, No JOKE! It’s pronounced ab-ci-dee. RIDICULOUS. I am glad to see La-a on the list, people always thought I was making it up. I work for a welfare office so there is no end to the bad names. People are so dumb. If I was ever in the position to say the name La-a, I would call the child La-HYPEN-A because “-” is a hyphen, not a DASH.

  41. Tiffany says:

    Someone I know named there baby girl Izabeau Nick name Bo.

  42. JQ says:

    I don’t think any of the names are ugly but I’m glad Nevaeh made the list (just to know enough people don’t like it that there won’t be too many poor girls named “heaven spelled backward”. But I don’t think there is much in a name – it’s just what you are called.

  43. Jani says:

    well i think Edward is an awesome name i mean it depends on who the person is and if he can rock the name but i love the name Edward overall and i know a la-a and its a pretty name i think

  44. brandy says:

    I HATE the name ROSE! It’s my step-mothers name and she’s an awful evil woman!

  45. Stephanie says:

    Rosie is my all time favorite name!! I can not believe some of these names. Beverly and Gwen are also on my short list!

  46. Amy says:

    La-a is not a urban legend FYI. My roommate is a 5th grade teacher and she had a student with this name! Pretty crazy.

  47. js says:

    Rather pointless and mean spirited post, don’t you think?

  48. Sara says:

    No kidding on Blue Ivy right? Totally snorted milk out of my nose on that one. Don’t get me wrong, my youngest daughters name is Pippin and most people do a double take on that, but Blue Ivy? Guess that is what money CAN buy you. If those are your parents, it really doesn’t matter what your name is cause ain’t no one making fun of you…

  49. Cari says:

    I held my breath as I scanned this list for my son’s name and breathed a sigh of relief that it wasn’t there… I was worried if the name my husband and I carefully and thoughtfully chose for our much loved son makes some ‘ugly names’ list he might be subjected to bullying later. Come on now, let’s have had enough of the ugly names list, we are adults and not children and should be above judging.

  50. Rae says:

    Mars Merkeba…Bronx Mowgli..Dweezil…just to name a few, and people just had to add Blue Ivy. Can we say HATERS. There are so many other bad names out there.

  51. Rachael says:

    My friend is a teacher and knows a little girl named La-Leah (pronounced with the dash) In my opinion I can not stand Nevaeh!! I dont even understand the logic? I think Heaven would be way nicer!

  52. Kirsten says:

    LeMon and DeMOn. Twins. Pronounced Le MON and De MON, but when I worked for a government agency and the names printed out of the computer in all caps, what do you think it looked like. Worst ever twins names. Lemon had it bad, but poor demon. That kid was doomed from the start.

  53. Logan C Davidson says:

    Hey,,!!! :D Rosie is a Family name!! I love the name Rosie, my last natural born daughter was name Rosie. She was the cutest, most huggable, lovable, and comforting of people I ever got to know at the time. if anything she brought back the Strawberry Shortcake in me. I think the name Rosie should not be on the list, just saying:D!

  54. Logan C Davidson says:

    Since my post I have already mentioned won’t post my thought on 1 supposive ugly name I’ll just say Family names are to familiarize our present with out past….

  55. Aviva H. says:

    There are two Israeli names that just don’t translate in the US. Moran (pronounced Mor-ron) and Nimrod (pronounced Neem-road).

    Note to Israeli parents, if you think it is possible that your child will spend time in the US, or any English speaking country, avoid those names.

  56. zahzah says:

    go0d my babies name are japanese name..megumi & nozomi & mine is zamantha & my husband is yoshiyuki LOL…were in the safe mode ^^

  57. Angela says:

    Isn’t a Uvula the thing that hangs down in the back of your throat? Who would name a child that? Many of these names aren’t ugly in my opinion. I’m surprised that all the Aiden, Brayden, Jayden etc names aren’t on here.

  58. yvonne quintana says:

    This is a crack-up!..Uvula? As a name? Might as well call her Vagina! when you get to thos Quiesa’s?…Queesaha’s?..How the heck do you know if you’re spelling it correctly?..or for that matter…saying it?..too much..know you are a proud parent, but PLEASE! GIVE YOUR CHILD MUCH MORE THAN A SECONDS THOUGHT!..ESPECIALLY WITH A NAME THAT IS GONNA GIVE THE HEARTACHE THEY DO NOT DESERVE!!….DO NOT “MAKE UP” A STUPID NAME!..its just stupid…unless your child is already named stup-id?…see what i mean..

  59. Tiffany says:

    Beulah…One of my friends swore he was gonna name his daughter that. LOL

  60. Erica says:

    No name is truly “ugly”… some are just breezier than others, some evoke a more pleasant train of thought, some roll off of the tongue nicely, some don’t. There is something to be said, however, for people who name their children a name that is being overly used. I love when people say “oh, I named my son Aiden, and then I found out it was the most popular name the year he was born… that makes me so mad, I was trying to be creative.” NO, you weren’t. You do not live under a rock, you just liked the name probably because you were hearing it everywhere, and you didn’t let that stop you from using it. You knew it was popular, and now your child is going to go to kindergarten and be one of six in his class with the same name. For me, when you don’t put thought into a name and instead jump on a bandwagon and pretend you actually didn’t, that is the worst. Aiden, Kayden, Brayden, Jayden (and all other spellings of those same names), Jackson, Isabella, Trinity, and yes, Nevaeh, are just a few of the overused names that people should let rest. Give your child a chance for a little bit of individuality from the start, but also don’t go out of your way to make up a name that’s so off the wall that it makes no sense. This is my opinion, of course, and to be fair I will disclose that I have had the pleasure of naming one beautiful child, whom I proudly call Adeline.

  61. jason says:

    there is a town in illinois close to me named adeline, and a guy was caught screwing a horse in that town, and for that reason, i would never name my kid that. i have heard names such as chaquita, chardanay and there was a baby born at a hospital in my town on 3/1/12 that the parents proudly named la-a

  62. Quiera says:

    It is parents like those that use the name La-ah and Uvula that give unique names a bad rep. I, for one, love unique names. Having a unique name myself (Quiera, Spanish, pronounced keyairuh), i fully plan on naming my future child(ren) unique names. My picks are Eilam, Quentin, and Xavier for boys and Aurelia, Kalyca and Lyric for girls. None of which even come close to making this list. Please, when naming your child, think twice for their sake!!

  63. Cat says:

    Actually, we named our first Henry for Henry Huggins and didn’t know any other Henrys under the age of 50 at the time. We thought it was adorable and unique. And now he’s the “other” Henry in his sunday school class and I meet people every day who have a Henry or say “oh, we seriously considered Henry but it’s so popular!” In our case, we truthfully didn’t have ANY idea it was/was going to be a popular name. Same with our daughter – we thought we were unique in naming her Liberty and now that’s getting to be trendy, too. *sigh* At least we have the only Ferris we know…

  64. Lauren says:

    I believe the ugliest names are:

    Anything ending in “avion” (e.g. javion, quadravion)

    Anything ending in “esha” (e.g. kwanesha, myesha)

    Anything ending in “eka” (e.g. shaneka, shameka)

  65. Amy says:

    Eh. My daughter’s name is Gwen (Gwendolyn). I hope she likes it, when I hear it I immediately think of a beautiful woman with flowing hair.

  66. Kate says:

    I still haven’t picked my jaw up from the floor after seeing Rosie on this list. It is the name of my 2-year-old daughter. I loved it from the day she was born, love it now, and get nothing but genuine compliments (you can tell when someone is just being nice) when I tell people her name. I also considered the name Gene for my son and think Gwen is beautiful. I’m also pretty disappointed that a list like this would even exist.

  67. Tina says:

    What about Dick or Enos. I think they should had made the list.

  68. Canadian says:

    Ethel (my deceased grandmother’s name)
    Gene (reminds me of a dirty, dishevelled man)

    are two names I cannot stand.

  69. Sonja says:

    @Kate, I knew a happily-married couple named Gene and Gwen. I like those names!

  70. Olga Boris says:

    I was utterly appalled when I saw what beautiful names were placed upon this amazing list. How could these be considered UGLY!!!
    My daughters names are Helga, Bertha, Edna, and Gertrude. Not to mention my sons names which are Gus, Gunther, and Barney.

    Now husbands name is Clarence. He is the most handsome person I have ever met. How could people disgrace this name??!!

    Your Reader,
    Olga Boris

  71. Whatever says:

    I personally like some of those names. The name Howard is kind of cute — makes me think of a tall, thin, hardworking blonde man. Edna is an adorable grandmother’s name.

    I once heard of this girl in elementary school named “Brianka.” Ew. I shudder every time that name even crosses my mind.

  72. Someone says:

    In my opinion, the vast majority of these names are perfectly fine (Arthur, Phillip, Sally, etc. are CLASSIC). Also making a list like this was just plain mean. I mean, come on! Whoever created this ridiculous list should know better.

  73. Gracie V. says:

    Wow, people, lighten up. It’s just opinion, nobody’s being “mean”. To those who think a name is “just something one is called”, it’s opinions like that – while not “mean” – that make me cry for humanity. A name is the only thing a person has that carries with them their whole life (unless changed). It’s not just some random sound, it’s a word that has meaning and connotations!

    I did find it amusing that three people reading this very tiny blog had nevaehs and didn’t give it a second thought. Maybe they’re already used to the entire nursery school class being full of them. Why anyone would give a girl a name like Heaven, Eden, or Virgin(ia) when she is one day going to be surrounded by teenaged boys is beyond me, too.

  74. KB Meredith says:

    I actually saw the name “Cafeteria”. I had to call and ask for her. I was sharply told it’s pronounced “Ca-FET-ree-uh” . I also personally saw the name Diarrhea and was told it’s pronounced “Dee-uh-RAY”. I personally saw the name “Shitonia” and it’s pronounced just like you think. Finally I was chewed out for mispronouncing U’Shawndria with the wrong “U” sound at the beginning. These are actual names I saw on either job applications or school rolls.

    I think many of the names on the list are beautiful names, but I will say I struggled with these names just trying to pronounce them correctly, and then the people were ugly with me because I didn’t know how to say them. So food for thought if we name our kids unusual names, maybe teach them not to get ticked when people don’t know how to pronounce them?

  75. Anne says:

    Gwen shouldn’t be on the list, cauze gwen is a beautiful name!

  76. mary bullard says:

    I think the most ugly names especially for boys are names like Hunter, Ryker, Riley rider and alot of surnamey names

  77. Tangerine says:

    It says “Virgina,” not “Virginia.”

  78. Mike says:

    Black people have ugly names! Framel LMAO!

  79. Pauline says:

    Alan an ugly name? HELL NO! Alan is a sexy name! Makes me think about Alan Rickman! And Alan Rickman is hot! :O

  80. S says:

    Are you dumb kerry? You can’t juge a name out of your culture, it certainly do not mean “shithead” out there.
    I am surprise there is no Josie to fit with Rosie in the list…

  81. Marissa says:

    I can not believe that they said Alan,

    Some of those names are not ugly, they’re classic!

  82. Andrea says:

    Gwen? Really Gwen? There are so many ugly names out there and you pick Gwen. I think it’s a beautiful name, and it’s short for so many gorgeous names: Gwendolyn, Guinevere, Gwyneth. And some of the other names on this list. Did the person who did this just write down the first 50 names that came to their mind? Edward? Phillip? Alan? Rosie? Arthur? These are nice names, some of them may be a bit common but they aren’t ugly. Also, some of these names are just the shortened version of a given name: Billy = William, Sue = Susan, Betty = Elizabeth. Sure there may be people that were given the diminutive version as a given name but it’s not very common. This is just silly! Whoever wrote this didn’t even try!

  83. Bartholomeuw says:

    my names Bartholomeuw does that count… ps I’m a girl.

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